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April Update

Time for my once-a-month update. Above is a semi-recent (well, maybe a month or two ago) picture of the munchkins. In kid updates:

Oona is almost sitting up. She lasts a few seconds before toppling off to one side. She babbles a lot, sticks everything in her mouth, laughs, rolls all over the floor, and is eating three solid meals a day. She’s a good baby. She was sleeping through the night for a while, but now gets up sometime between 4:30 and 6 a.m. to eat, then goes back to sleep until 8. (She goes to bed at 7.) She’s overall a great baby – takes her regular naps in her crib without fussing, sucks her thumb to keep herself happy, smiles a lot. She’s a keeper!

Shea is still obsessed with balls and Thomas the Train, still running in all directions. He’s really into the alphabet and into singing songs lately, so we’ve signed him up for Music Together again. He loves to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, the ABCs, Happy Birthday (to Evelyn, our one-year-old neighbor, whose birthday was in November), Alouette, etc.

I’ve started writing down things Shea says. Here are a few:

“Close the computer, get down, come play.”

“I need a serviette. I have mokos.” (Translation: “I need a napkin (fr). I have boogers (sp).”

Hearing the branches of the tree scratch our dining room window, Shea asks: “What’s that?”
Me: “That’s the tree knocking on the window to say hello. It’s saying, ‘Hello, window.’ ‘Hello, Shea.’”
Shea: “The tree doesn’t have eyes. The tree has leaves.”

April 7, 2010
Me: “Shea, what’s your name?”
Shea: “Shea Turon.”
Me: “What’s Oona’s name?”
Shea: “Oona Turon. (Pause) Your name is Mama Turon.”
Me: “No, my name is Meghan Ward.”

April 8, 2010
Me: “Shea, what’s your name?”
Shea: “Shea Turon.”
Me: “What’s your sister’s name?”
Shea: “Oona Turon.”
Me: “What’s Papa’s name?”
Shea: “Papa Turon”
Me: “What’s my name?”
Shea: “Mama Meghan Ward”

I ran my half marathon on March 28. My goal was to run 10-minute-miles (I’d done many of my long runs at exactly that speed, but I’d never run 13 miles before). I ran 9:39-minute miles, so I was happy about that. It’s not fast, but it was fast for a 40-year-old who started training two months before the race. Speaking of being 40 – yes! I am 40 now! And it feels the same as 39. We had a really fun wine tasting party. Instead of providing all the food and wine like we usually do, we had everyone bring their favorite wine or a pairing (most people brought both), and we had a ton of fabulous wine and food as a result. Really fun.

I’m busy working on what I hope will be the last revision of my book (I’ve said that how many times before?) I gave myself an 8-week deadline one week ago, so I have seven more weeks until I turn it in to my editor, then I’ll go over it again once I get her feedback. I was extremely unmotivated for two months, but now that my race is over and I’m less exhausted from running all the time, I feel up for the task. The drawback is …

I hurt my back. It had been hurting ever since Oona was born from carrying both kids and lugging that damn double stroller in and out of the car (as much as I love that stroller, it’s messed up my back.) It hurt a lot the night before my race, and I had promised the doctor I’d stop running for a while after the race, and I did. But then this past Tuesday I twisted around to change Shea’s diaper and – OMG – couldn’t move. Got to the couch and could not get up. I was in so much pain and no matter what position I lay in, it hurt like hell. I tried Advil and ice (fortunately the nanny was here, so she had three people to take care of that day), but nothing worked, so I finally had to take a Vicodin left over from my wrist surgery. It made me fall asleep, but when I woke up after four hours on the couch, I could stand up and walk again. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me Vicodin and told me to sit as little as possible. So I spent Wednesday writing standing up all day. I thought it would be awful, but it was fine. I even kind of liked it. Now here I am writing in bed, but tomorrow I’ll work standing up again. This morning at 6 a.m. after feeding Oona, it tweaked again and I had to take another Vicodin, but now it’s a little better. I just have to take it easy until it heals. No running, but I joined the Y, so I can swim there now.

Shea is in swimming classes at the Y. If we’d kept up our Petite Baleen classes that he was taking when he was a year, he’d be swimming under water by now, but it was so far away and so expensive, that I just couldn’t do it once I was pregnant with Oona. And the Y has childcare, so I drop Oona off there to take Shea to class. He loves the water, though, and isn’t afraid to jump in, so I don’t think those classes were a waste. We take Oona once in a while on a Saturday, and I hope to get her into a class soon, too.

I’m busy with, reading a 550-page book to do a book review for the Chronicle, editing a client’s memoir, tutoring three students, and trying to finish my own book during the two days we have a nanny, so I’m plenty busy. Martin has suddenly gone vegan (well, except when we order pizza, but he’s still vegetarian on those days), so we’re eating a lot of vegetarian food lately. Although today while he had his tofu, Shea and I stuffed ourselves full of pork and beans (made from the Easter ham) and quesadillas. Yum. Yum.

We enrolled Shea for preschool starting in August. He came with us and loved it (three friends from his French playgroup who go there already). It wasn’t my first choice because it’s not walking distance, but the nanny said she can take the bus to pick them up at 3. That way they’ll still get some Spanish two days a week. Plus I felt sad at the thought of her not seeing Shea anymore. He’s so attached to her since she’s taken care of him since he was six weeks old. There’s a Spanish-speaking preschool we could try to get Oona into, but it’s way too late for Shea. I didn’t know about it until recently, and there’s a LONG waiting list.

As for where to send them for elementary school, that’s another post. A LONG post.


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I still haven’t had time to upload pictures, but one of these days I will. Shea is driving me nuts with whining and questions most days. He asked me where the moon was over and over for the entire hour-long drive home last night from Martin’s parents’ house. All day long he says, “What’s this, Mama? What’s this?” even when he KNOWS what it is. Or “Where’s Papa, Mama? Where’s Papa?” even though I just told him 8 TIMES where Martin is. Typical two-year-old stuff, and I am dreading the “Why?” stage because “What’s this?” is bad enough. Anyway …

Our kitty, Xeno, was given two weeks to live about six weeks ago. The vet encouraged us to put him to sleep, but Martin wanted to wait and see how long he lasts. So far, he’s lasting fine on the IV Martin has to give him every night and the special food I have to give him every day. Anyway, Shea, who spends his days terrorizing Xeno, has decided that he wants to sleep in the “big bed” in his room instead of his crib because Xeno is sleeping there. So now, when we say good-night to Shea, he says, “Don’t scare him! Don’t scare him!” about Xeno because he wants Xeno to stay sleeping in the bed next to him. So the two are curled up together in bed now. Enemies by day. Best friends by night.

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February Update

I will try to update this blog at least once a month for now. I am so crazy tired and busy all the time, it’s all I can manage. And I have tons of pictures of the munchkins, but they’re who knows where – on one of our cameras, some on my computer, some in private folders on SmugMug. I haven’t had time to post any of them, but will soon. I’ll try to make this a “quick” update.

Shea is 2 and two months now. He’s doing great. Talking, running, playing. Today he corrected me. I said that the gift on the table was for the “Bebe Woo Woo” party – he knows the kids in his French playgroup as the Bebe Oui-Oui’s and not by their individual names – but I, by mistake, called it “Bebe Woo Woo” instead of “Bebe Oui-Oui.” Bebe Woo Woo his his favorite dog – the bebe to distinguish him from Grand Woo Woo and Petit Woo Woo (he was calling dogs “woo woo”s when he got them.) And Shea said, “No, BeBe Oui-Oui!” A glimpse into the teen years. Can’t wait.

Shea is really into Thomas the Train these days, although we have just one book and one DVD. He knows the names of all the trains (and so do I), but no, we’re not buying one of those multi-hundred-dollar train sets! He still loves sports of every kind and is really obsessed with letters. (He knows them all by their sounds, thanks to The Letter Factory). As we’re driving down the street, he says, “Oh! Letters!” and points to a street sign. Then “Oh! More letters!” and points to another – all the way down the street. He’s also really into Playdoh (which he calls, “Potatoes”) and finger painting.

Oona just started eating solids, so I spent this morning (ugh, at 7 a.m.) pureeing apples and pears. Tonight sweet potatoes, yams, carrots, and potatoes, so I can freeze them all and be stocked up for a couple of weeks. She is getting big. She smiles a ton and coos and sucks on everything in sight. She was sleeping all night, but now tends to get up once (sometimes twice) a night. Hopefully the solids will solve that.

I have been running a lot. I’m training for a half marathon at the end of March, so I’ve been running 18-20 miles per week (ran 8 miles today – 10 miles last Saturday). It gives me energy for a few hours and then I just crash out in the evenings when I have free time to get stuff done. Definitely cuts into my writing time.

I’m still blogging a lot at, although putting less time and effort into it than I was. I now have a book to revise, the half marathon coming up, and I’m taking care of the kids on Fridays. We cut our nanny down from 2.5 to 2 days per week so we don’t end up in the poorhouse. So unfair that my sisters had my mom around to babysit for free! Although that would have meant staying in Michigan, so that probably wouldn’t have happened anyway. Childcare is crazy expensive, and if we do go the public school route, it will save us a ton of money. It took me becoming a parent to realize that school is free daycare for parents. Parents LOVE school! All those snow days we loved so much as a kid? And the vacations? No so fun for the parents!

I think I had a midlife crisis for about two weeks. I was really cranky and stressed out, and I can’t help wondering if the impending BIRTHDAY had something to do with it, but I’m all zen about it now. 40 is the new 39 from what I’ve heard.

See you in March!

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Not sleeping well again. Was dead tired yesterday, but didn’t fall asleep until after 1 a.m., even after reading for two hours and taking a hot bath. Then woke up at 7. Makes it hard to get work done. I get to the office and need to either sleep or drink caffeine. Not sure if it’s from baby two anxiety or book-finishing anxiety. I’ve also had a lot of weird dreams lately. Three dreams that I was in a tidal wave. One very detailed, very vivid flying dream that made me have to check to make sure I couldn’t fly when I woke up and last night a dream about swimming with whales, sharks, alligators and cows (yes, cows) in the ocean.

Hoping to finish draft of book by this weekend. Then maybe I’ll get some sleep …


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Be Careful What You Wish For

Suddenly this week, it’s, “Mama mama mama” all day long. When Martin takes care of Shea while I’m working, Shea comes to the office and bangs on the door saying, “Mama? Mama?” until I open it up, and then he cries when Martin takes him away from me. For two months I’ve been listening to, “Baba? Baba? Baba?” all day long and now suddenly I’m his new obsession. I love it, of course, but it’s harder to get work done now.

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Me Baba, You Shea


Shea made his first caveboy sentence today. He said, “shhh, unh, wa” and did the signs for fish, stuck, water. So I followed his gaze over to the corner of the kitchen and hunted around until I found his fish sticker, which he loves and carries around and sticks on things, and which has become a few colorful shreds of paper, floating in the cat’s water bowl. Yep. The fish was stuck in the water.

And he will NOT say Mama. Will NOT. And I know he can say it. I’ve heard him make the sounds. But he says, “Baba” for “Papa” ALL DAY LONG. When Martin arrives, when Martin leaves, when we’re just driving in the car and something reminds him of Martin (and he does the sign, too, so I know that’s what he means.) I do think, though, that he associates Baba with both of us, that sometimes he calls me Baba, too. But if I point to a picture of Martin, he says, “Baba!” and if I point to a picture of me, he says nothing. Damned ungrateful kid! Someday I’ll make him pay for this.

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It’s a Girl!

So, its official. We’re having a girl! (And we’re very happy about it). I’m too tired to write anything else right now. Shea wears me out.

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