May, June, July Update

How pathetic that my monthly update (which was already pathetic) has turned into a quarterly update! but I haven’t given up on you, Bustopher Jones! I may even start blogging here more often someday. Right now I just don’t have the time. So here is the quick (but it never ends up being quick) update:

Shea is cuter by the day. Lately he’s been so sweet, even saying, “Je t’aime” back after I say it. His new favorite phrase is “Talk to me, Mama, talk to me” (which has replaced “LISTEN to me!” He still loves sports and balls better than anything in the world, baseball in particular. I taught him how to say, “Three strikes, you’re out!” and “Home run!” Funny because I hate sports myself. He loves to read, though, too, and play with his Thomas the Train set, and run and jump and draw and glue magazine pictures onto paper.

Oona is getting so big. I can’t believe she’s almost a year old. She is cruising around like crazy (that means walking while holding onto furniture for you non-parents) and can stand for a second or two without holding onto anything. No big hopes for her to walk early, though, since Shea didn’t really start walking until two months after he took his first steps. She claps back when I clap, and she can almost wave bye-bye. She babbles a ton and says, “Dada” a lot, but I don’t think she knows what it means. She and Shea look very different, both a blend of Turon and Ward, but different blends. Oona’s taking swim classes; Shea’s in gymnastics classes. We’re all very busy busy busy.

We spent 10 days in Michigan at the end of June through the beginning of July, and it was a lot of fun. We mostly just hung out with family and friends. No Macinac Island, no Detroit Zoo, just BBQs and swimming and a whole lot of jumping on the trampoline (for Shea). Shea got to meet and play with all his older cousins, see fireworks, and spend some time with Grandpa and his aunts and uncles. He LOVED Michigan and didn’t want to leave (neither did I. We left 98-degree weather to come back to “sunny” California with our 65-degree summer. Boo hoo.)

This past weekend we did the first of three camping trips to Montana del Oro State Park, in Los Osos. The weather was worse than in Berkeley. Cold and foggy all weekend, but we still had fun. I feel happy and invigorated after camping, even though we didn’t do any major hikes. Just hung out with friends, poked around tide pools, and ate some s’mores. Then we all came home and got the stomach flu. Not fun to see munchkins projectile vomiting, but we’re all fine now.

I’ve been busy blogging over at Writerland and not doing a whole lot of other writing. Well, I had a book review in the Chronicle a few weeks ago, and I’m working on a new piece for this year’s Litquake, San Francisco’s annual literary festival, but no big progress on my book. My book. Sigh. I’m revising it yet again and I’m so unmotivated I just can’t look at it right now. I wish that weren’t true. I wish I could just sit down and sail through the edits and be done with it in a month, but it seems to take me an entire year to do each revision (for a variety of reasons, including the aforementioned munchkins). I’m considering just setting it aside for a few months while I work on something else. The book is, and has been, done for a while, but it needs something-I’m not sure what-to push it over the fence into the Published Books world, and I’m hoping this final revision will do the trick. More than anything I just want to move on. Lately I feel like I’m Atlas and it’s the world. But enough about that.

I’ll be back in August, September at the latest, with another update. And with pictures! Soon!


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