I still haven’t had time to upload pictures, but one of these days I will. Shea is driving me nuts with whining and questions most days. He asked me where the moon was over and over for the entire hour-long drive home last night from Martin’s parents’ house. All day long he says, “What’s this, Mama? What’s this?” even when he KNOWS what it is. Or “Where’s Papa, Mama? Where’s Papa?” even though I just told him 8 TIMES where Martin is. Typical two-year-old stuff, and I am dreading the “Why?” stage because “What’s this?” is bad enough. Anyway …

Our kitty, Xeno, was given two weeks to live about six weeks ago. The vet encouraged us to put him to sleep, but Martin wanted to wait and see how long he lasts. So far, he’s lasting fine on the IV Martin has to give him every night and the special food I have to give him every day. Anyway, Shea, who spends his days terrorizing Xeno, has decided that he wants to sleep in the “big bed” in his room instead of his crib because Xeno is sleeping there. So now, when we say good-night to Shea, he says, “Don’t scare him! Don’t scare him!” about Xeno because he wants Xeno to stay sleeping in the bed next to him. So the two are curled up together in bed now. Enemies by day. Best friends by night.


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