January update

Martin and Shea dressed up as chipmunks at the Bay Area Discovery Museum

I am blogging way too little over here at Bustopher Jones! (And blogging a lot over here at Writerland.) As always, a “quick” update:

We had a good Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve at Martin’s mom’s house. Michael and Nico were there for T-day and Kasia’s family for Christmas. I got depressed the last time we spent Christmas here because we had no plans for Christmas Day, so this time we opened presents with Shea in the morning (Christmas is way more fun with kids because they get so excited about their new toys), and went to our friend J&T’s house for dinner. The dinner was eventful in that their house caught on fire! No damage done and the firemen aired out the smoke, but it was a scary night running outside with the kids, getting the hose hooked up, etc. Thank God we got the fire out fast.

New Year’s Eve with A&A was fun, too—delicious food and fantastic company. The only thing missing was board games, but we’ve given up trying to get them to play. New Year’s Day, however, we DID pay board games, convincing our friend A to stay for NINE HOURS despite the fact that she was “a cranky pants” and wanted to go for a jog around the block rather than sit in her chair one minute longer.

In Shea and Oona news: Oona is four months now! She’s a cutiepatootie, all round and smiley and smelling delicious. (I sniff her frequently.) She has laughed a few times when I’ve tickled her or played peek-a-boo, and she rolled over a couple of times by accident. She has been sleeping through the night, my little angel, for a MONTH already! Shea didn’t sleep through the night until he was 8 mos! Oona is a VERY GOOD baby!

Shea is talking up a storm. He repeats everything and remembers much more than I realize. He understands English, French and Spanish, although he speaks mostly in English. He talks in short sentences. When we were up at the river house between Christmas and New Years, he saw my rain jacket hanging outside and said, “Maman jacket, open the window, go get it.” So that’s how he speaks. He eats most of what we eat, although his favorite food is cheese. He has learned to open the refrigerator and wants to put parmesan on everything now.

Shea is obsessed with Martin’s iPhone games (which I’m not thrilled about). This morning he came into my bed (after Martin had gone into his bed and fallen asleep there) and after I went to change Oona and came back, I found him sitting up in bed with Martin’s phone that he’d found beside the bed, playing a game of pool. He knows how to turn the phone on, scroll through the apps to find the pool game, start the game, and play it. SCARY. And although this may seem impressive, the doc says it’s equivalent to watching TV and he should be doing it as little as possible.

Shea got a trike for Christmas, but we haven’t really taken it out yet. We’ve mostly just pushed him around the house on it. We are attempting potty training and have had a few successes. Nothing consistent yet. Shea is still obsessed with balls and drums and loves his new mini air hockey game. He hasn’t shown much interest in all the cars and trucks he got for his second birthday, but maybe someday. He loves books and coloring in his coloring books, and he loves to run around!

As for me … I’m caught up in this whirlwind of blogging and tweeting and not really sure where it’s all going. Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time, if an agent or publisher is really going to care, and yet I have read umpteen blogs and books stating that YES, they DO care and they absolutely google you to see whether your “online presence” is professional and whether you have a following. Between that and kids, I feel like I have no time to write at all. Kind of bums me out because isn’t that why I’m doing this? And yet I don’t want to be one of those writers with five books written and none published, so I guess I have to put as much time/energy into marketing my book as I did into writing it. (UGH! I like some of the marketing, but I need more balance in my life.)

Speaking of balance, I need a vacation! Hawaii is waiting for me, but I haven’t had the courage to commit to going there with two little munchkins and a babysitter. Sounds expensive for one. And hectic. We need to figure out a way to make it work, though. Our last big trip was almost THREE years ago! (Our honeymoon in Feb-Mar 2007). That is not acceptable!

Life with two kids is fine, but I just never get a break. I feel fairly rested and have managed to find ways to take care of them both at the same time (Today we went to the Exploratorium, just the three of us), but it’s just go go go every minute of the day. And I find myself, like tonight, up at 11:30 or 12 with 20 more things I want to do. I am CONSTANTLY behind. Tonight I wanted to spend some time looking at my cookbooks, choosing new recipes to try and making grocery lists. But I didn’t have time. There is NEVER ANY TIME! Unless I give up the blog. Which I don’t want to.

Speaking of the blog, I’m having a bunch of technical problems with my hosting service, so I need to log off and call them right now. And finally write the thank you cards for Shea’s birthday presents. And read a paper I need to edit. And pump. And research a preschool. And work on my book trailer. And read. And … ah forget it. I’m going to bed.


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