Oh, shit.

Shea says, “Oh, shit” about every ten minutes now. Before it was “uh oh” and then it was “oops” and now, thanks to hearing me say it one time, he says, “oh, shit” every time he drops something, his ball rolls under the bed, etc. etc. How do I train him out of this? I have a plan to say, “What is this word ‘shit’? Do you mean, ‘uh oh’? ‘Oops?'” but I feel self-conscious saying it at all in front of our nanny, so wait until she’s not around.



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5 responses to “Oh, shit.

  1. LOL– totally laughing at having to wait until your nanny isn’t around to correct him. Love it.
    In the meantime, you might try to change your “oh shits” to “sugarloaf” or “shoot” or something…because he definitely hears in your tone how much it applies to the situation, especially if he applies it to similar mishaps. I know, “sugarloafs” isn’t nearly as satisfying as “shit.” Trying to get mine to stop saying “shut up,” which I say to the cat when the cat is outrageous in her meowing.

  2. Oh, believe me I try never to swear around him. When my soap fell out the window, it slipped out (once) and he hasn’t forgotten it! But I do hear him now saying, “Oh man!” again, so fingers crossed that he’ll stop saying shit soon.

  3. I’m having premonitions with this… I tell my husband that all four letter words will be banned once a child comes along… But I know someone will slip….

  4. RJSquirrel

    When my oldest was 2 he dropped something in the driveway and said as casually as could be, “God fucking dammit.” I don’t know WHERE he picked that up — probably the guys who mowed the lawn, as I told my wife — but we were a little more vigilant about language after that.

  5. RJ: How did you get him to stop saying God fucking dammit? Today Shea didn’t say shit at all, so I’m hoping he’s over it already. And then this afternoon at mom’s group someone said the F word very loudly and clearly in front of all the kids, and someone else said, “Damn,” and I thought, oh, their kids haven’t started copying every word they say yet. Shea is a parrot these days.

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