Dr. Shea

Yesterday I was unpacking Shea’s old baby clothes and came across this little machine that makes a heartbeat sound to calm the baby. We didn’t use it for Shea, but I turned it on for him to hear. He took it from me, pressed the button again to turn it back on, then lifted up my shirt and rubbed it up and down on my belly. WTF? I hadn’t told him it was for the baby, and couldn’t figure out how on earth he knew to associate it with my belly. Until today. I went to my weekly OB app and the doctor did what she always does – lifts up my shirt, places the ultrasound machine on my belly, rubs it up and down and – poof! Heartbeat sound! Shea comes to my appts with me and has evidently been observing this procedure and decided to give mom an ultrasound yesterday! Amazing how much they take in that we don’t realize.


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  1. This is f’ing awesome! There is SO much we miss about what babies might mean…and when we find out, WOW!!!! 🙂

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