Oh, and Shea

Shea Driving Cuda

I can’t believe I managed to write a whole post without mentioning Shea! He’s 19 months now (will post his latest studio picture when I get them back next week). I never thought I’d take my kid to a JC Penny portrait studio to get his picture taken, but you know what? $50 for 13 sheets of photos and the sitting fee combined. The pro photog I used for my pregnancy photo cost something like $400 + prints, and her prints were EXPENSIVE. The semi-pro photos we had done of Shea were much cheaper (about $160 including prints), but it was against the same black backdrop that JC Penny uses and the photos weren’t really any better. I think when Baby Girl is 7 or 8 months, we’ll do a professional outdoor session with both of them, but for now, I’m all about the JC Penny portrait studio!

In other Shea news, he’s in this Helen Keller mode where he wants to know the name of everything. (Remember when Annie Sullivan started signing into her hand and she ran around touching everything so Annie would tell her the names? That’s Shea right now.) He’s been combining two words, like “chat sleep” or “woo woo wet,” but no complete sentences yet. I feel like half the things he says only we can understand because he combines so many languages and sounds. He calls Crayons, “ABCs” and pens “Mama ABCs.” My favorite is a phrase he learned from me, which he says ALL THE TIME. Whenever something doesn’t go his way, like his ball rolls under the dresser or he misses when he tries to hit it with his bat, he says, “Oh, man” but pronounces it more like, “Oh, meeeeen.” It cracks me up! His obsession is still balls and bats and balloons, and he LOVES water (the river, a pool, the bath, etc.) Whenever he sees me washing my hands he wants to wash his, too. And yesterday I had him put all the vegetables from the grocery bag into the refrigerator drawer and then put all the clean Tupperware into the cupboard and both times he finished and then looked up and said, “Plus?” (“More?”) That’s my boy! Picking up the house before he’s two. Let’s hope that lasts beyond three.

He doesn’t seem to have any concept that he’s going to have a little sister soon (I need to buy him one of those, “You’re going to be a big brother” books). If you point to his stomach and ask him what it is, he’ll lift up his shirt and say, “Baby.”

And that’s all the Shea news for now.


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