Up at 4 a.m. with Sick Baby

He’s not really sick, but he had vaccines yesterday, and they gave him a fever, so he’s hot and crying, and now I’m awake and hungry while he’s drinking his second bottle of milk. My own doctor told me to cut out juice and whole milk and other fattening things so Baby Two won’t be too big, but she also told me I’m on track to gain about what I did last time and Shea wasn’t too big, so she’s not worried about it (although Shea wasn’t small either.) I don’t normally drink glasses of milk, but with gallons of it in the house (since Shea turned one) and me eating peanut butter all the time to satiate late-night hunger, I’ve been guzzling glasses of it—all whole milk because that’s what we have to buy for Shea. So today I went out and bought myself some nonfat milk, something I should have done six months ago. And no more OJ (I LOVE OJ), but I still can’t resist eating cookies and Skinny Cows now and then. After all, what’s the fun of being pregnant if you can’t eat ice cream?


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  1. And dougnuts as well.

    I feel your pain. Or, have felt, anyway.

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