The Joys of Insomnia

I drank half a glass of wine last night and managed to fall asleep at 9:30, but now here I am at 4:30 wide awake and starving. I think I’ll eat something, work on my book for an hour and then read until I (hopefully) fall back to sleep. I’m not motivated to get up for the day, but too wide awake to go back to sleep anytime soon.

Goal is to finish this draft of my book by Sunday, which gives me less than three days, and to give it to my editor friend on Monday. Maybe then I can get some more sleep (although I have a lot of editing to catch up on after that, and a ton of other things to do.)


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  1. i think busywork is a good way to distract your mind from your book – I am doing some BZ work and reading today – I have not worked on my illustrations in 3 days.. 😦

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