Shea got his first haircut today. His curls were getting out of control, and everyone thought he was a girl, so I took him to Snippety Crickets to do the deed. It broke my heart to cut his curls and he looks a little too boyish for me now, but better than looking like a mad scientist with hair sticking out in all directions. I’ll post a before picture on a previous post.



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4 responses to “Multitasking

  1. m++

    What’s he doing, booking a flight for his new jetset lifestyle?? Probably negotiating royalties for patents developed during his crazy Einstein phase…

  2. He’s a busy man. He’s got things to do, places to go, people to see.

  3. Ani

    I think he is talking to Geithner about the bank bailout plan. Can you guys look at his calendar and let me know if we can do (a power) lunch with him?

  4. Sorry, Ani, he’s booked for the next six months. You can visit him while he’s sleeping, though 🙂

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