Not sleeping well again. Was dead tired yesterday, but didn’t fall asleep until after 1 a.m., even after reading for two hours and taking a hot bath. Then woke up at 7. Makes it hard to get work done. I get to the office and need to either sleep or drink caffeine. Not sure if it’s from baby two anxiety or book-finishing anxiety. I’ve also had a lot of weird dreams lately. Three dreams that I was in a tidal wave. One very detailed, very vivid flying dream that made me have to check to make sure I couldn’t fly when I woke up and last night a dream about swimming with whales, sharks, alligators and cows (yes, cows) in the ocean.

Hoping to finish draft of book by this weekend. Then maybe I’ll get some sleep …



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3 responses to “Insomnia

  1. m++

    How did you make sure you couldn’t fly? 🙂

  2. I jumped down the stairs and landed pretty hard. Seriously, I had those dreams all the time when I was a kid and sometimes used to wake up at the top of the stairs and sometimes at the bottom. I was so sure I could fly that I would jump down a couple of steps and see how I landed (hard), but I never had the courage (thank God) to jump all the way down the stairs – just in case it was just a dream.

  3. I wish I cd give you 4 hrs of my sleep- I have been sleeping for 12 hrs / day – i hope you sleep better once your book revisions are done – almost there! Keep it up!

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