The Unfinished Post


I’m working on finishing this draft of my book (number four) by the end of the month, and so far I’m on track. Have kept up with my 15-hour-a-week goal. I’m not convinced, however, that this will be my last draft. I’ve finally relaxed and stopped worrying about getting the book out ASAP and started focusing more on making it good.

Pregnancy is going well. I’m 24 weeks this week and have gained (gulp) 25 pounds. I am trying not to gain more pounds than the number of weeks I am pregnant, but failed at that this week. I’ve been eating WAY too much chocolate and way too much bread. I don’t drink caffeine, so when I get tired in the afternoon and still need to get some work done, I eat dark chocolate. I think I’d be better off taking a few sips of green tea.

Stopped running around 21 weeks after getting cramps and feeling sick one day. Started swimming two weeks ago and have been LOVING that. I go to an outdoor pool and swim for an hour. The first day I couldn’t do more than 4 laps of the crawl before switching to an easier stroke. The next day I did six. The fourth day, Mother’s Day, I don’t know what superhuman powers came over me, but I did a whole mile – 72 laps – of the crawl with two bathroom breaks in between. I felt like I could swim all day, but of course I was exhausted later that afternoon. I’ve been more tired lately. I went for several weeks without taking naps and now I’m back to napping every day for an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Still feel reallly good, though.

Shea is getting big! He needs a haircut, but it breaks my heart to cut those curls. People think he’s a girl, though, when we’re out on the street, even though all his clothes are blue. He’s saying more words every week and in a strange combination of English/French/Spanish. He can say “cheese,” “keys,” “pain,” “main,” “poo poo, “pee pee,” “meat,” “poulet,” “céréale” “lait,” “banane,” “pomme,” “chat,” “biche,” “ra(na),” “mama,” “papa,” “baby,” “ball” and “balle,” “balloon,” “bubbles,” “down,” “a(ll) done,” “no,” “bain,” “shoe,” “l’eau,” “bowling,” “moon,” “hat,” and a lot of sounds and signs that only we can interpret, like, “wa,” (water) “ga,” (cracker) “woo woo,” (dog) “rarr,” (bear or lion, depending on sign) “ca ca,” (duck or bird) “shhh,” (fish) “joom joom,” (car or truck) “shhh” with different sign (airplane), “too too,” (train), “shet,” (sock) etc. He also understands a ton more than he can say. His favorite toys all start with Bs: balls, balloons, bubbles and bowling pins. He loves to run, especially to the park, loves to pick things up off the floor and put them in the garbage, loves to take baths, to pet dogs and cats …


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  1. he looks cute – just more like a boy – may be the next time you can keep it a little longer – so he still has some of his curls

    Thats a lot of words for an 18 month old – hope to see him again soon!

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