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The Joys of Insomnia

I drank half a glass of wine last night and managed to fall asleep at 9:30, but now here I am at 4:30 wide awake and starving. I think I’ll eat something, work on my book for an hour and then read until I (hopefully) fall back to sleep. I’m not motivated to get up for the day, but too wide awake to go back to sleep anytime soon.

Goal is to finish this draft of my book by Sunday, which gives me less than three days, and to give it to my editor friend on Monday. Maybe then I can get some more sleep (although I have a lot of editing to catch up on after that, and a ton of other things to do.)


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Shea got his first haircut today. His curls were getting out of control, and everyone thought he was a girl, so I took him to Snippety Crickets to do the deed. It broke my heart to cut his curls and he looks a little too boyish for me now, but better than looking like a mad scientist with hair sticking out in all directions. I’ll post a before picture on a previous post.


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Not sleeping well again. Was dead tired yesterday, but didn’t fall asleep until after 1 a.m., even after reading for two hours and taking a hot bath. Then woke up at 7. Makes it hard to get work done. I get to the office and need to either sleep or drink caffeine. Not sure if it’s from baby two anxiety or book-finishing anxiety. I’ve also had a lot of weird dreams lately. Three dreams that I was in a tidal wave. One very detailed, very vivid flying dream that made me have to check to make sure I couldn’t fly when I woke up and last night a dream about swimming with whales, sharks, alligators and cows (yes, cows) in the ocean.

Hoping to finish draft of book by this weekend. Then maybe I’ll get some sleep …


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I’m procrastinating, I know.

Some random things I’ve come across recently:

Story of Stuff—a 20 minute movie about where stuff comes from and where it goes. Extremely popular in schools and coming out soon in a book co-written by Grotto sublettor Ariane Conrad. Check it out!

Freedom—I’m using this to get work done and it’s GREAT. Blocks Mac users out of e-mail and Internet for a designated amount of time.

Self-Control—another program to block Mac users out of e-mail and Internet, but this one lets you unblock certain URLs for research. It also has a countdown timer. I use Freedom, but this may be better.

Poets & Writers—Check out the series of interviews with agents and editors. (Extended versions online only)

The Ramen King and I.—Grottoite Andy Raskin’s book just came out. Check it out!

Daniel Baum describes how he was hired and fired by the New Yorker. His website also includes successful magazine proposals and stories that he wrote that were rejected by the New Yorker while he was on staff there.

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The Unfinished Post


I’m working on finishing this draft of my book (number four) by the end of the month, and so far I’m on track. Have kept up with my 15-hour-a-week goal. I’m not convinced, however, that this will be my last draft. I’ve finally relaxed and stopped worrying about getting the book out ASAP and started focusing more on making it good.

Pregnancy is going well. I’m 24 weeks this week and have gained (gulp) 25 pounds. I am trying not to gain more pounds than the number of weeks I am pregnant, but failed at that this week. I’ve been eating WAY too much chocolate and way too much bread. I don’t drink caffeine, so when I get tired in the afternoon and still need to get some work done, I eat dark chocolate. I think I’d be better off taking a few sips of green tea.

Stopped running around 21 weeks after getting cramps and feeling sick one day. Started swimming two weeks ago and have been LOVING that. I go to an outdoor pool and swim for an hour. The first day I couldn’t do more than 4 laps of the crawl before switching to an easier stroke. The next day I did six. The fourth day, Mother’s Day, I don’t know what superhuman powers came over me, but I did a whole mile – 72 laps – of the crawl with two bathroom breaks in between. I felt like I could swim all day, but of course I was exhausted later that afternoon. I’ve been more tired lately. I went for several weeks without taking naps and now I’m back to napping every day for an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Still feel reallly good, though.

Shea is getting big! He needs a haircut, but it breaks my heart to cut those curls. People think he’s a girl, though, when we’re out on the street, even though all his clothes are blue. He’s saying more words every week and in a strange combination of English/French/Spanish. He can say “cheese,” “keys,” “pain,” “main,” “poo poo, “pee pee,” “meat,” “poulet,” “céréale” “lait,” “banane,” “pomme,” “chat,” “biche,” “ra(na),” “mama,” “papa,” “baby,” “ball” and “balle,” “balloon,” “bubbles,” “down,” “a(ll) done,” “no,” “bain,” “shoe,” “l’eau,” “bowling,” “moon,” “hat,” and a lot of sounds and signs that only we can interpret, like, “wa,” (water) “ga,” (cracker) “woo woo,” (dog) “rarr,” (bear or lion, depending on sign) “ca ca,” (duck or bird) “shhh,” (fish) “joom joom,” (car or truck) “shhh” with different sign (airplane), “too too,” (train), “shet,” (sock) etc. He also understands a ton more than he can say. His favorite toys all start with Bs: balls, balloons, bubbles and bowling pins. He loves to run, especially to the park, loves to pick things up off the floor and put them in the garbage, loves to take baths, to pet dogs and cats …

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Quick Update

I started a blog post last week and still haven’t finished it. Maybe I’ll post it as is for now. I have no time to blog! Quick update:

Writing, writing, writing. Nearly done with this draft and have found an editor to read through it before I make more revisions. I’ve been reading the interviews with agents in Poets & Writers magazine, and they all emphasize that you should work on your book forever before sending it out. When you think it’s done, spend another year on it, two of them said. So I’m happy that I’m taking the time to (hopefully) get it right.

Went to the beach with Shea yesterday. The waves scared him, so he stayed away from the shore, but he had a lot of fun playing in the sand with his sand toys and destroying the sand castles that Martin and I made. Going to be in the 80s again today, and I’ll be stuck inside working while Martin and Shea are out playing.

Busy week last week—extra tutoring, lots of editing, a friend’s reading in San Francisco, writer’s group, Lost finale, etc. etc. Mother’s Day I swam a mile, then we went out to dinner with Martin’s family and to a friend’s for his birthday. I was so worn out that I haven’t been swimming since. I’m more in the mood to revise my book right now than exercise anyway.

Bought baby furniture yesterday. Will pick it up next weekend and store it for now because I want to focus on writing for a few more weeks before we start converting the office to a baby room. We’re both sad about losing our office (or at least moving it to the basement), but I think it will be better than putting them in the same room. We need to renovate the garage and/or basement at some point and convert one to an office, but we just can’t do it right now.

Friday night Martin, Shea and I had a dance party. Really cute to watch Shea dance. He is getting more fun and saying more words every day. One of his new things is to stick his hands out and tense his whole body, baring his teeth, and then we mimic him and he laughs and does it again. We have two video cameras now, so we’ve been taking videos but haven’t uploaded any yet. I need to get a video of Shea doing his frozen baby thing.

That’s all for now.

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