Me Baba, You Shea


Shea made his first caveboy sentence today. He said, “shhh, unh, wa” and did the signs for fish, stuck, water. So I followed his gaze over to the corner of the kitchen and hunted around until I found his fish sticker, which he loves and carries around and sticks on things, and which has become a few colorful shreds of paper, floating in the cat’s water bowl. Yep. The fish was stuck in the water.

And he will NOT say Mama. Will NOT. And I know he can say it. I’ve heard him make the sounds. But he says, “Baba” for “Papa” ALL DAY LONG. When Martin arrives, when Martin leaves, when we’re just driving in the car and something reminds him of Martin (and he does the sign, too, so I know that’s what he means.) I do think, though, that he associates Baba with both of us, that sometimes he calls me Baba, too. But if I point to a picture of Martin, he says, “Baba!” and if I point to a picture of me, he says nothing. Damned ungrateful kid! Someday I’ll make him pay for this.


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