It’s days like these that I want to just Twitter about how HARD writing is. Yesterday I wrote for six+ hours on the stopwatch, revised four chapters (although one needed very little revising) and felt like I got SO much done. Today I only wrote for an hour and a half, which was the main problem, but I’ve also moved on to the very difficult task of restructuring Act III. I’ve divided my book up into five acts, and I’ve finished revising the first two (which equal about 60% of my book) and now I’ve moved onto Act III, which needs the most work. Restructuring makes me feel like I’m doing math, or physics, and not writing. I lay out the three different plots and what’s happening in each. I write what IS happening in each, vs what should probably happen in each. I try to fit the existing chapters into what SHOULD happen, then cut some, then add some, then decide it was better before (and this is all in outline form with pen on paper, which I’ve found to be more effective lately then typing everything on my computer. I even created a binder for all my hand-written notes and outlines). It’s a horribly frustrating process. I know that character x takes up too many pages and that I need to cut some of his chapters. I also know that he comes across as to one-dimensional (ie big asshole) and that I need to add more “nice” chapters about him – so I have to find a way to add, but cut. And then intersperse the other two plots more with his plot, so there aren’t four chapters in a row about him and then two about work and then two about the third plot, etc. But each time I move a chapter all the transitions have to be fixed and all the things I mentioned in one that refer to a previous chapter that now comes after it. So I change all that and then think, “Wait, maybe this other order is better …” Argh! Anyway, I need to get it all really sorted out on paper before I do any real cutting/pasting or revising and right now I’m just too tired to deal with it.



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2 responses to “Revision

  1. Yeah. I hate it when people are condescending too…Sorry it happened to you.
    About your Act III. Is it okay to let him be an asshole? Also, have you seen “Persepolis” ? I never read the graphic novel but I saw the movie and the way she deals with the boyfriend in this piece is a great example of a character’s shifting point of view. Seeing a character as all good, and then all bad. She even draws him each way in the cartoon. In the end, it’s not him that’s important. It’s the stage in her life that made her dependent on his approval, and then rejecting him, that becomes important and poingant to the viewer. I recommend watching this film. At the very least, it’s a good distraction.

  2. Wild Guppy: I haven’t read or seen Persepolis, but have heard it’s wonderful. A good excuse to check it out – thank you! And it was great to see you yesterday!

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