Shea/English Dictionary


Ga – cracker (origin Spanish, “galleta”)
Shuh – cereal/Cheerios
Ka Ka – duck (origin Spanish “cua cua,” English “quack quack” and French “canard”)
Woo woo – dog
Chat (shah) with ASL accompaniment – cat (origin French)
Shoe – shoe (from the French “chaussure” and English “shoe”)
Shet – sock (from the French “chaussette”)
Nana – no no
Ba? Ba? (with ASL to distinguish it from “Ba!”) – Bath? Bath?
Ba! – Ball!
Ha ha! – hot (also with ASL accompaniment)
Ba bye – Good bye
Bahn (while pointing index fingers in a V) – banana

ASL only:
Clapping hands – more
Clapping hands without touching them together – all done
Opening and closing fists – milk
Opening mouth and touching his teeth with his index finger – I want my toothbrush
Open fingers against open mouth – water
Closed fingers against open mouth – food

Shea’s three favorite things in life are toothbrushes, balls and crackers. A couple nights ago, while we were putting his pajamas on, Shea discovered that there are pictures of balls on his pajamas (I hate sports and only bought them because they were the only ones available in his size). “Ba!” he said, pointing to his leg. “Ba!” he said, pointing to his knee. “Ba!” he said, pointing to his other leg, which gave us the opportunity to point out the balls in all his ticklish spots until he was giggling and mimicking us, “Ba ba ba ba!” Ah, the simple pleasures in life.



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2 responses to “Shea/English Dictionary

  1. m++

    I love this! You’re dead on wrt his favorite things. Balls and balloons can be lumped together as one big blissful BA BA BA! I noticed he’ll say Sheh for “Shirt” as well. Pretty much all clothing items start with SH now: shorts, shoes, shirts, … These are logical extensions derived from his first such sound: SHHHHHHH for “quick yelling like a mad tot” (ASL accompanied with single finger vertical and still in front of lips.) This exploration of all the SH words may soon result in a revelation of self-awareness with him saying his own name for the first time. Once around the piano looking at the e-picture frame I think he did point at a picture of himself and say “Shea”. Then again, I swore he said Goat at 2 months so…

  2. He can do the sign for bird now, too! And I was teaching him “car” today. He’s a quick learner.

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