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Haven’t been blogging much at all lately (obviously). Need to download and upload photos. Feel like I’m always behind on everything. Have had a lot of insomnia lately, but try not to be on the computer too much in the middle of the night because it keeps me up longer. Reading puts me to sleep, so I get up and eat and read and go back to sleep. Was up from 12:30 to almost 4 a.m. last night. I had a craving for a breaded chicken sandwich and lay in bed wondering where I could get one of those, where they even sell those besides fast food restaurants. I thought of the Circus Pub down the street. It was the only place I could remember having one. And ski lodges. Anyway, I hunted the freezer for chicken burgers from Trader Joe’s, but no luck. Then it occurred to me that I had everything I needed—chicken breasts, mayonnaise, bread crumbs, parmesan and bread, so I got up at 2 a.m. and baked some chicken and made myself a breaded chicken sandwich (the key is lots of mayonnaise). Slept soundly from 4 until 8 and actually feel pretty rested. Have 200 things on my mind, one of which is the fact that I haven’t touched my book in more than a week because I had a review due for the Chronicle Monday. Turned it in. Now I have to get back to work. Am completely unmotivated. Am going to go running now to try to get some motivation. Then to the office. Then to tutor. Then games tonight. I miss playing games so much, so looking forward to that. We’ll probably play Settlers or Agricola.

By the way, Shea walked down the sidewalk all the way to the end of the block today. We’re on a hill, so he kept falling, but he’d push me away if I picked him up. He wanted to walk! He was so excited and touching everything (leaves, moss in the cracks in the sidewalk) and pointing at everything (trees, fences, people, etc.) He couldn’t make it back up the hill because he kept falling backward from the incline, and I think he was too tired by then anyway, so I carried him home after we mailed some packages at the post office.

By the way, now that WordPress has all the stats readily visible on my home page, I can see that my post popular post ever (very strange) was one titled “Pregnancy-31 Weeks” with 1940 views! I’ve read it and can’t find anything interesting about it at all. So bizarre that everyone’s interested in pregnancy at 31 weeks.


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Shea is officially walking

I need to post a new video. He pretty much stopped crawling just in the last day or two. Now he just gets up and walks around the house. So cute!

Not much else is new with him. He can do several signs-more, all done, milk, eat, and toothbrush (a sign he invented for his favorite toy). We’re still going to swimming class every week and have started music class up again. Music was a bit of a nightmare this week because Shea learned he can climb the walls there, and that’s all he wanted to do. I have to go before he tears up the office, our only non-babyproofed room.

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In Media Res

Well, I was really stressed out when I got back from vacation. It always takes me a couple of days to unpack everything, do all the laundry, put everything away, clean up the house, etc. I felt overwhelmed with everything I wanted to do—clean the basement (a HUGE project), organize photos, write New Year’s cards, finish a book I was reading, read a book and write a review, read another book and write another review AND revise my book. I spent several hours working on the basement with Martin and, although we aren’t finished, we made more progress than in during all our other attempts to clean out the basement. I also sold a bunch of my books on Amazon. I posted about 60—maybe more—and have another box yet to post, but I sold probably 20 already. Made about $100 after shipping and envelopes, etc. Not much, but better than if I’d taken them to Half-Price books (more work, but once you have a system down, it goes pretty fast).

I was stressed out about one of my book reviews because the book is 560 pages, and I’m a slow reader (and had less than a month this time to read the book and write the review.) I got extra time on the other review, so I don’t have to read that book until February, and then I just dived into the one for the Chronicle—no TV, no movies, just reading every night and found myself on page 325 when I went to bed last night. So now I feel like I have a handle on things. Books sold. Basement sorta clean. Book halfway read. I have more tutoring hours than I did last year (which isn’t saying much) and they’re cutting into my writing time, so I made a deal with Martin to have him watch Shea until the nanny arrives in the morning, so I can leave the house at 8 and get to work by 9 (since I have to leave by 3 p.m. to tutor.) By the time I ran a couple errands, it was 9:30 when I arrived, but that’s a huge improvement upon getting there between 10:30 and 11 like I have been lately.

Then time to revise. I’m taking a different approach to this draft. The book is already written and the writing is fairly polished, but there are a few specific things that need work. So I’m doing exercises to write paragraphs/scenes that I may or may not insert. And I’m doing the Artist Way’s morning pages. (I’m very resistant to the Artist’s Way. I’ve done parts of it many years ago, and it just feels like wrong for me, like I don’t need to sit and write about all the people who’ve discouraged me from writing in the past, etc.

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I really really really really really don’t want to start on draft four of my book. I’m really really sick of working on it, but it needs more work and I need to get motivated to work on it. I need to stop procrastinating by reading and cleaning and organizing and paying bills and sorting photos and everything else I can possibly think of to avoid starting draft four. Ugh. Here I go.

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