It’s done. My book is done. Well, sorta. Kinda. I’m not happy with the first chapter, so that doesn’t feel done and won’t until I get it the way I want it. But I can’t figure out what to do with it, and meanwhile I’m two weeks late getting my book to my readers, so I decided to just give it to them and keep working on the first chapter while they’re reading it. Or maybe I’ll just wait for their feedback on the first chapter. They may have ideas on how to fix it. It feels weird to be done. I keep looking for things to do, like, “Maybe I should go back through all my Word documentts and see if there’s anything in there I should add?” or “Maybe there’s something I cut out (and saved) that should go back in?” The scary thing is I’ll probably do those things – stay up late going through files of notes looking for a paragraph or a sentence to add.

Meanwhile, I have new goals (big surprise) and one of them is to start EXERCISING again. I’m going to do a little (a little) yoga every day, and I’m going to start climbing once a week again, and I’m going to start either running or doing a full yoga class once a week again. Nothing too crazy, but it’s been months since I’ve worked out at all, so anything will be an improvement.

I have a pile of other goals to spend my time on during the five weeks my readers have my book: update baby book, get rid of stuff in basement, write two more essays for FieldReport, make Christmas cards, update website, plan Shea’s birthday party, and the list goes on and on and on.

In other news, Shea DOES know how to say “bye bye,” and it’s so damn cute. He’s been doing it for two weeks now. This morning, I put my backpack on (hadn’t even approached the door yet) and he waved and said, “Ba ba. Ba ba.” He waves at his wrist, so it’s this big, floppy good-bye and it makes me just die. He does it when Martin goes to work, when Dolores leaves and when we’re out and we leave to go home. So cute! And that’s another thing on my to list: to start uploadi videos of Shea. Soon! VERY SOON!


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