Shea update


Shea can do “milk” and “more” in sign language now, and although it seems like he can do “bye-bye,” I’m not totally convinced since he does the same sign for milk and says, “ba ba” both times. I think our conversations go like this:

Us: “Bye, Shea! Bye Bye!”
Shea: “Sure I’ll have some milk!”

He is getting bigger and bigger. He can stand for a few seconds by himself, is eating regular people food now and can walk back and forth across the living room using his walker (at first he would let go because it moved too fast, but now he can keep up). He crawls away from us when we chase him and has this new obsession with putting clothes on his head (our nanny taught him how to play peek-a-boo with a towel, so now he wants to put everything on his head, even though they don’t cover his face.) He loves strawberries and butternut squash and chicken and pretty much everything we give him. He’s eating spaghetti right now had chicken balls for lunch. I finally bought the book Super Foods and have been making recipes out of that and thinking WHO has time for this stuff? It took me forever to make those chicken balls and they tasted so good I wanted to eat them all myself. It makes more sense to just feed him what we eat than make special meals when they’re that time consuming. He’ll be 11 months on Wed, just one more month until his first birthday! We plan to have a party during the day on Saturday, Dec. 13, so save the date!


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  1. Can’t wait for his birthday! Since we wont be around for Xmas- will give him his Xmas present same day- but to be opened only on Xmas

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