Shea on the Run

I’ll upload pictures soon, but today Shea and I played, “I’m gonna get you!” in French as I chased him and he crawled away in hysterics. And last night and tonight he ate most of his dinner with a spoon. The first try was a huge mess–applesauce EVERYwhere. But tonight his dinner was a little thicker, and I made sure he didn’t stick his free hand in the food–and he ate his whole bowl of potato-chicken-broccoli-pea mush with his spoon. So cute! He doesn’t know how to scoop, so he just sticks the spoon in the bowl and then sticks it in his mouth and sucks off whatever he gets on it.

A million things going on during the next couple of weeks. A housewarming party and Halloween parade this weekend. The Halloween, a wedding and a baby shower (at our house) the following weekend. Then my book is due the week after that. Then I get to CLIMB and do YOGA, two things I never do any more. Exercise has definitely taken a backseat this year. But it’s been worth it to spend time with Shea and to get my book done.

Will try to keep writing short updates here and there. And we’re working on getting videos up on YouTube. One of these days!

Sweet Dreams, by the way, has rented three weekends in a row, and we have three more bookings reserved. Yay!


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  1. can we have a live demo at our place on Thurs

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