Shea is crawling! (sort of)

He’s not racing around the house yet, but he can go at least four steps before he sits down and takes a break, and he eventually gets where he wants to go. He’s also starting to pull himself up on things. He pulls up to his knees and needs a little help getting up to his feet, but I don’t think it will take long. Need to upload photos—as well as babyproof this house ASAP!!

About the nanny situation—I read on Berkeley Parents Network that this is a common stage babies go through around nine months. One woman said she’s a stay-at-home mom who has her mother babysit just 1.5 days a week and her baby was doing that to her mother, so that made me feel better. STILL, it’s no fun and I think I need to just hand him over the minute the nanny arrives rather than try to feed him or change him while she’s here and he’s reaching for her.

Also, I’ve made a mental list of little things I can do to spend more time with Shea. Not sure that will make a big difference, but at least it will make me feel better. For starters I’m not making any more doctor or haircut or other appointments during times that aren’t regular nanny hours. In other words, NO MORE EXTRA NANNY HOURS. And I’ll take Shea with me more often on errands rather than leaving him with her. I used to take him everywhere, but lately he’s started throwing a fit when I put him in the carseat, so it’s gotten really difficult to errands with him, especially if I have to put him in and take him out of the car several times. He’s not crazy about the stroller either, so I use the Ergo when we go out, which also makes it difficult to do much shopping. The last time I took him to the market with me, I almost didn’t make it home because my shoulders were so sore from carrying him and a bunch of heavy grocery bags. Anyway, will find small ways to spend more time with him—although I DO spend every minute with him when he’s not sleeping or with the nanny.

I’m on track to finish my book by Oct. 15—at least this draft. I’m working thirteen hours per week under the supervision of my motivational coach, and so far so good. I’m on chapter 40 out of 48 on this revision, although I’m going to need to write a couple more chapters and overhaul a lot of the end. Still, after nearly a month off, it feels good to be making progress. Tonight Martin is out with his brother, so my plans are to baby proof what I can and then write for a while. One of my many errands tomorrow, by the way, is to return a book to the library and check out a couple classics. I really really love reading classics more than most books out today. I’m going to get The American by Henry James. I’ve never read it.


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