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Shea is crawling! (sort of)

He’s not racing around the house yet, but he can go at least four steps before he sits down and takes a break, and he eventually gets where he wants to go. He’s also starting to pull himself up on things. He pulls up to his knees and needs a little help getting up to his feet, but I don’t think it will take long. Need to upload photos—as well as babyproof this house ASAP!!

About the nanny situation—I read on Berkeley Parents Network that this is a common stage babies go through around nine months. One woman said she’s a stay-at-home mom who has her mother babysit just 1.5 days a week and her baby was doing that to her mother, so that made me feel better. STILL, it’s no fun and I think I need to just hand him over the minute the nanny arrives rather than try to feed him or change him while she’s here and he’s reaching for her.

Also, I’ve made a mental list of little things I can do to spend more time with Shea. Not sure that will make a big difference, but at least it will make me feel better. For starters I’m not making any more doctor or haircut or other appointments during times that aren’t regular nanny hours. In other words, NO MORE EXTRA NANNY HOURS. And I’ll take Shea with me more often on errands rather than leaving him with her. I used to take him everywhere, but lately he’s started throwing a fit when I put him in the carseat, so it’s gotten really difficult to errands with him, especially if I have to put him in and take him out of the car several times. He’s not crazy about the stroller either, so I use the Ergo when we go out, which also makes it difficult to do much shopping. The last time I took him to the market with me, I almost didn’t make it home because my shoulders were so sore from carrying him and a bunch of heavy grocery bags. Anyway, will find small ways to spend more time with him—although I DO spend every minute with him when he’s not sleeping or with the nanny.

I’m on track to finish my book by Oct. 15—at least this draft. I’m working thirteen hours per week under the supervision of my motivational coach, and so far so good. I’m on chapter 40 out of 48 on this revision, although I’m going to need to write a couple more chapters and overhaul a lot of the end. Still, after nearly a month off, it feels good to be making progress. Tonight Martin is out with his brother, so my plans are to baby proof what I can and then write for a while. One of my many errands tomorrow, by the way, is to return a book to the library and check out a couple classics. I really really love reading classics more than most books out today. I’m going to get The American by Henry James. I’ve never read it.


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In a better mood

I’m already feeling better. Our nanny just brought Shea in to ask me a question and Shea reached for me to take him. I think sometimes he just wants a change of scenery—a different face to look at, or someone different to hold him. I feel better now 🙂

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Grrrr …

I’m in a really bad mood this morning because when our nanny came and put her arms out for Shea (like she always does) and I didn’t hand him over because I wanted to feed him first, he put his arms out to her and cried. This happened for the first time last week—although he didn’t cry last time, just put his hands out—it seriously bums me out. Our nanny generally only comes 2 3/4 days per week, but there are weeks when I have her come an extra half day (like today) because I’m behind on work. It’s SO hard trying to finish my book by October 15, getting a house ready to rent by Sept. 2 AND tutoring to spend all my time with him. I LOVE being with him—love going for walks and reading him stories and singing songs and practicing crawling and playing and tickling him, etc. etc.—and I don’t feel like I’ve “missed” anything because I’m with him in the morning and the late afternoon every day as well as all day Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday—plus I work at home on Friday, so I see him that day, too—but it still bums me out that he’s more attached to his nanny than to me. SERIOUSLY bums me out. In fact, last week after this happened I decided that today I’d spend all day with him and not do any work at all. But then I got behind over the weekend and the woman I’m nanny-sharing with this week needed to bring her daughter today, so I decided to go ahead and have our nanny come. Next Monday I need to just tell myself that no matter how far behind I am, TOO BAD, I’m spending the day with Shea. But it seems like even with three days a week (since I rarely do four), he’s become more attached to her. I’m happy that he likes her—truly!—but I want him to like me more! Doesn’t he understand that I’m the one who buys his food, clothes and diapers, does his laundry, feeds him in the night, gets him up in the morning, lugs him to swimming class and moms group and to the museum, steam train, little farm, etc? That I’m the one who buys him French books and writes in his baby book and gets photos taken of him and reads to him in French and buys him new toys and is going to take him to music class and story time every week? That I play with him every chance I get? I guess not. I guess all he cares about is who spends the most time with him. 😦


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Sweet Dreams

Life is just too busy to blog these days. I was sick for two weeks, but I’m over it now. Martin, Shea and our nanny all caught it from me, and Martin and Shea are still getting over it. Shea had a really high fever the last three days, so I took him to the doctor. She was baffled. She said he was the healthiest sick person she’d seen all week because he was talking (bababa, dadada), smiling, etc. I could tell that he wasn’t himself because he wasn’t jumping around and laughing like he usually does, but she couldn’t find anything wrong with him. I gave him both Tylenol and Motrin again last night and his fever was gone this morning, so we’ll see. (Yesterday the same thing happened and his fever was back to 103 by afternoon).

I’m having a harder time sticking with my writing schedule. Rather than force myself to do the five hours in one day, I think, “Oh, if I don’t do them, I’ll just make them up some night this week.” So yesterday I only did two hours and now I have three hours to make up and no evenings free to do them. (And yes, I should be doing them now instead of blogging.) Anyway, goals are much more enjoyable when you make them, so I’ve got to get back on track today.

I took on a new SAT student last week, and I haven’t tutored the SAT in more than a year (maybe two) and I’ve forgotten everything in those practice tests (I have my students do a test a week), so now I’M doing an SAT a week, and it’s a LOT of extra time out of my schedule.

In addition to my strict new writing schedule and doing an SAT a week, our house near Guerneville is about to go on the rental market, so there’s been a lot of last minute things to do, including all the paperwork with the management company. I spent half my work day doing that stuff yesterday. I’m happy that it’s almost done, but it’s really taking up a lot of my time. And when I was up there this past weekend, I was feeling despondent that I never get to have any FUN when I’m there. The point was to have a place to hang out, play board games, go hiking, etc. I hardly ever get out of the house when I’m up there (which is almost every weekend) because I’m either working or watching Shea while Martin works. I’ve hardly done any hikes, haven’t been in the river once all season, and have played maybe one board game all year. But we did get our pool table Saturday and I played one quick game, and I make sure to use the hot tub at least once per weekend. Still, I’ll be happy when I can go up there and enjoy it and not spend every weekend painting, cleaning and running errands.

I signed Shea up for music classes yesterday, so in September we’ll be going to the library Mondays for their little baby/toddler story hour and to music class on Thursdays (as well as swimming). Should be fun.

Shea still isn’t crawling, which is fine since we still haven’t babyproofed the house yet. I think he’s just not that motivated to go anywhere. He’s been on all fours for two months, rocking back and forth and maybe moving one hand forward, but then he just gets tired and lies down. He can sit up on his own now, though. And his new thing is to point up in the air and say, “Da!” I thought he was pointing at lights at first, but he seems to point at anything that interests him. He’s also started reaching his arms up when he wants you to pick him up, which I think is so cute. Before he would just cry.

Last night we had dinner at Quince, a fancy restaurant in San Francisco. It was very exciting to CROSS THE BRIDGE for dinner. We had our friends A&A babysit, and Shea did wake up (which he doesn’t usually do), but they managed to soothe him back to sleep. Quince was delicious. At first I thought it wasn’t as good as Chez Panisse (and maybe it isn’t), but then my duck came and I had to reassess. It was damn good duck and I haven’t had duck since I lived in Paris! Crazy! I used to eat duck all the time, and I miss it—yum. So we ate and ate and ate, and then forked over our life savings to pay for the bill, but it was worth it.

So now it’s 6:50 a.m. (I slept about five hours last night) and I have to read pieces for my writers group meeting, then get ready for work, then take care of Shea when he gets up at 8, then leave for the city at 9, work until 2 when I have my goals meeting, come home by 5, take care of Shea until 6:30, then go to my writers group, come home around 9:30 or 10 and do some SAT. This is my life. There’s no break! And when I do have a break late in the evening I watch Battlestar Galactica with Martin. We’re near the end of Season Three, and it’s so good. I love that show. It was killing me to have the disc with me all weekend up at the river and not have time to watch it.

Our river house, by the way (which isn’t actually on the river) is called Sweet Dreams and will be listed very soon with Russian River Getaways. I’ll post a link once they have the listing ready (ie once I send them the photos, something I plan to do, uh, at 11 p.m. tonight?) Zzzzzz…

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Quick update

Home sick this week. Feel like dog poo.

Shea has a third tooth coming in, so he’s waking up a lot during the night.

Took Shea on the steam train in Tilden Park today. So fun. I wanted to go for a second ride, but my back was hurting from sitting with him in the Ergo – since there are no backs or sides to the train.

Made my goals last week. It feels great to be getting so much work done (13 hours on my book), but I need to find a way to do it without getting sick. I’ll be happy when all our weekend home improvement projects are over. Almost there!

Behind on reading a book for the Chronicle, but it’s really good, so I’m going to get to it as soon as Shea goes to bed tonight.

Our 2nd wedding anniversary was yesterday. We celebrated by … doing nothing! Really the plan was to go out for dinner tonight because I had writers group last night, but I ended up too sick for either one, so we’re postponing until next week.

Pseudoephedrine is evil. I’ll never ever take it again. Hate the stuff. Went through my big stash of cold medicine and threw everything out that had it in it – which was almost everything. Makes me really ill. Ugh.

That’s all for now!

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