This is Gonna Hurt

I hired a motivational coach this morning, the one I took the seminar from last year. I feel like I don’t have anyone in my life who’s pushing me to get my book done right now. The members of my goals group have been slacking—not showing up to meetings and not setting goals. Same with my writers group—not many people coming or turning in chapters (every meeting it’s me and one other person up for critique). My writing partner isn’t writing much, and I have 500 other things to keep me distracted. So I hired the coach. And she’s tough (her name is Martha Borst if you’re wondering.) So now I have goals that I can’t slack on because she’ll open up a can of whoop ass on me if I do. Or she’ll refuse to work with me. That’s what she said. When I told her my goal was to finish my book ASAP, like end of September, she said I needed to quit focusing on finishing it and focus on working on it instead. Otherwise I’ll write a crappy book. And with the attitude of wanting to be done with it instead of wanting to be working on it, I won’t enjoy working on it. And I’ll write a crappy book. She said to make my goal to finish this DRAFT with the understanding that it may need more work after that (Oh God, please no!) and she convinced me to give myself until October 15 to have a more realistic deadline. And I agreed to a bunch of other things that sound un-fun, but will help me get it done, like:

1. Get up at 7 a.m. on my work days and run, shower, eat breakfast BEFORE Shea wakes up at 8 (this means going to bed earlier).

2. Have laptop, etc. packed the night before (This means no checking e-mail in the morning).

3. Get out of the house within 15 minutes after the nanny arrives (Gulp. It usually takes me two hours).

4. Take 15 minute lunches (Gulp. This means eating at my desk.)

5. Write for FIVE hours of the five hours and forty-five minutes I’m at the office (Double gulp. This means no e-mail, no Internet, no talking to friends, just eat, pump, pee and write.)

6. Write three hours on Fridays, my work-from-home day (That’s reasonable).

7. Complete revisions of all chapters I’ve submitted to my writers group by next Friday (Gulp).

8. After that, revise two chapters a week, plus additional revisions to chapters given to my group.

9. This doesn’t include writing book reviews. Work extra hours at night if I have to.

10. Complete third draft—this is non-negotiable—by October 15. Then regroup.




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3 responses to “This is Gonna Hurt

  1. where was the picture taken?? Its adorable!

  2. At my sister’s in michigan last month.

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