Too much to do in too little time

I’ve been trudging along very slowly on my book these past two weeks. Last week I wrote almost nothing at all. I spent most of my nanny time doing other things, like paying bills and doing laundry. I needed to do some things for myself – go running, do yoga and read. I’ve been doing those three things and it feels good, but I’m also anxious to get back to work. Yesterday and today I tried gluing myself to the chair, turning off e-mail and doing nothing but writing for three straight hours. Yesterday I lasted 37 minutes. Today I didn’t even last that long. I feel a weird sense of calm mixed with an overwhelming sense of having TOO MUCH TO DO. I feel behind on everything and yet know that none of those things are urgent. Here’s my list of things I’ve behind on:

1. Reading the baby sign book
2. Writing in Shea’s baby book
3. Organizing vacation photos
4. Writing thank you cards
5. Childproofing
6. Reading (and yet I’m reading more than I’m doing a lot of other things right now)
7. Revising chapters
8. Going to Brushstrokes to finish the plaques of Shea’s foot prints that I started two months ago
9. A bunch of other “busy” things, like balancing checkbook, ordering light-blocking shades, buying a neck brace, changing doctor appt, changing long distance phone plan, etc, etc.

Okay, so what HAVE I been doing?
1. Attempting to write
2. Reading Stumbling on Happiness
3. Laundry, dishes, general house stuff
4. Taking care of Shea
5. Buying and making my own baby food – zucchini, yams, applesauce with cinnamon, soy beans, tofu, mango, peaches, etc.
6. Running, yoga
7. Some tutoring
8. Some errands
9. Some childproofing

I’m tired just thinking about it all.


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One response to “Too much to do in too little time

  1. Ani

    I am tired just reading about it all. 🙂

    Slacker No. 1

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