Cedar Point

I don’t know why this photo uploaded on its side!

I wish I had more time to blog. I could go on and on about Cedar Point. It has the most roller coasters of any amusement park in the world (17). Every few years it beats the record for the tallest, fastest roller coaster. In 1978 it was the Gemini. In 2000 it was Millennium Force. In 2003 it was Dragster. In 2005, the company that built Dragster, Imaginen, built an identical ride for a New Jersey park that is just a little bit taller. That ride is called Kingda Ka. On Dragster, it takes you 3.5 seconds to shoot up 420 feet in the air. On Kingda Ka, 456 feet. I went on Dragster for the first time last Monday, July 7. The best seats on a roller coaster are the front and the back. I was terrified of Dragster, so I went on in the back. The minute I got off, I jumped back in line to go on in the front, but the ride broke down for the second time that day and we decided not to wait around. (“Breaking down,” by the way, isn’t always a big deal. It auto shuts off for a variety of reasons, one of which is probably the heat. It was over 90 that day in Sandusky, OH.) Anyway, here’s a front row video of Kingda Ka, identical to Dragster but a bit taller. There isn’t a good video of Dragster. Dragster, by the way, descends at 120 mph. Millennium Force drops at 93 mph and Maverick, which is also extremely fast, has a 95-degree drop, that’s a little upside down! Other really fun and terrifying rides were the Power Tower (the right side, where you dangle 250 feet in the air before plunging down to the bottom) and Max Air, which hit and killed a bird while were were standing in line. And Wicked Twister and the water ride that soaked us. So many great rides. I get an adrenaline rush just thinking about them.


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