Oh, Michigan!

Shea and his cousins celebrating the Fourth of July

I don’t know where to begin to write about our trip. I’ll try to be brief:

We took a red-eye, stopping in Houston, which was a pain, but Shea slept on my lap the ENTIRE way. The drawback: I didn’t sleep at all.

Almost my entire family was in town for the week, so it was like one big ten-day pool party/BBQ. Shea got so much attention that he doesn’t know what to do with himself now when I set him down for ten minutes.

Shea survived fireworks on the third at Sylvan Lake and again on the fourth in front of the house. Never cried. Just stared up at the sky in wonderment.

It was good to see friends as well as family! M and C, J and A and all their kids. Also relatives I rarely see: aunts and uncles and cousins of mine.

Martin and I ditched Shea one day for a couple of hours and went to a movie. A real live movie! We saw Get Smart, which I loved because I used to watch it (syndicated) as a kid. The last movie we saw was Into the Wild while I was pregnant—eight months ago. But we watch plenty of DVDs. Our latest obsession is Battlestar Galactica. We’re halfway through disc two of season 2.5. I was too tired to watch disc one before we left, so I took it with me and watched it on the plane, then mailed it back to my sister to return to Blockbuster. That’s how obsessed we are!

Highlights of our trip included ditching Shea the entire day Monday, July 7 (although I  was sad to leave him and almost stayed home instead) to go to Cedar Point (I’ll write a separate post about Cedar Point. If you haven’t been and you’re ever in Ohio, you gotta go), taking Shea to the Detroit Zoo, playing bocce ball at my brother’s Fourth of July BBQ and doing flips off my sister’s diving board.

The weather was beautiful—hot and a little humid, but overall perfect. I was worn out by the end of our trip, which consisted mostly of a) swimming b) eating c) talking to relatives and friends d) taking pictures e) watching Battlestar Galactica f) eating some more g) swimming some more h) taking more pictures and i) fretting about the Field Report contest (I’ll write a separate post about that, too).

That’s the quick summary. Details to follow!


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