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Super Quick Update

Already a lady’s man—Shea with the girls, Wendy and Emilia

So busy lately! Super quick update:


1. I wrote two nonfiction stories for an online writing contest. They’re both posted under Bustopher here. Password is truelife and you can register and vote. There are just three days left!

2. Will NOT make my dream goal of finishing my book by end of June. Aiming for end of August now. Still have 200 pages left to revise and got really sidetracked by the contest and other things.


1. We went camping last weekend! Just for one night. Had a lot of fun. Was easier than I expected, especially with a big group (There were five couples and five babies, all from my moms’ group). We bought a huge tent, big enough to put the Pac n Play in, and we all slept just fine. We made Smores, we played games, we drank wine, we went for hikes (see pic above).

2. Shea started sleeping 10-11 hours straight this week! For two months I tried to get him to skip his 4 a.m. feeding and it wasn’t working. At his six-month appt, the doctor said to try skipping midnight instead, even though it’s less convenient for us. I did and now he’s sleeping until 6 or 7 a.m. and then going back to sleep until 9. Hallelujah!

3. Shea is almost sitting, but not quite. He can’t crawl yet, but rolls like crazy. His two bottom teeth are coming in. He’s a great swimmer, and he’s eating all kinds of solid foods now.


We’re headed off to Detroit tomorrow for a nine-day reunion with my family. Almost everyone will be there, so it’s going to be a busy, crazy time. We’re taking a red-eye tomorrow night and I’m trying not to get stressed out about flying with a six-month old. I don’t expect to get much (if any) sleep. I made a packing list today and have done about five loads of laundry. I plan to pack everything tomorrow and buy diapers, wipes, formula, cereal and baby food when I get there. Should be fun!


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Cool New Blog

Grottoite Gerry Jones has started a new blog based on his frustration in writing a book that he sold two years ago. This is an opportunity for writers to get inside the head of a talented but “stuck” writer as he tries to rekindle the spark that helped him sell the book in the first place. And, of course, it’s a warning about what can happen if you sell a book BEFORE you write it. I know, for example, that if I had sold my memoir before it was written, I would have had an even more difficult time finishing it than I already am. Now we struggling writers can all band together with Gerry as he breaks through what all writers experience at some point in their lives—writers block.

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Got bike?

I paid $80 to fill my gas tank today—damn! I remember back in the late 90s when gas was $1.03 a gallon and I could drive all the way from LA to San Francisco for just $16. Time to buy a bicycle.


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What’s the piggy say?

I just found this animal sounds library on the Internet. Doncha just love the Internet? (Sadly, the pig imitation I do for Shea is sorely inaccurate.)

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Getting Old

I just got a notice for my 20-year high school reunion, coming up in November. (Gulp!) At least I can say I’m married and have a kid now, and who knows, maybe the book will be done by then. Or I can just not go. That would solve everything.

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Book Review

Busy. Busy. Busy.

My latest book review is here.

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Am crazy busy right now.

Green stuff: Switched to glass “Tupperware” containers. Started using cloth diapers this week (now that Shea has grown into them). Swapped out Avent bottles for glass and Born Free bottles. My first thought was, “Oh, come on. We all grew up with plastic bottles and turned out fine.” But then I started thinking, “But did we?” One of my friends had cancer at 30. Another finished chemo a few weeks ago. There are more and more allergies, there’s more and more asthma, there’s more and more cancer. So why not take precautions to prevent them? Why wait for corporations (who don’t give a shit who gets cancer) to switch to non-PCB, non-phthalate plastic? So I switched.

Writing: Writing my ass off. Upped my goal from 10 hours a week to 15 for the next three weeks before I go on vacation. I wanted to get my book done by the end of June and it ain’t gonna happen, but I’ll get a LOT done this month anyway. Feels good to be productive, but doesn’t feel good to be stressed out and lying awake at night.

Stress: I decided to deal with my stress by no longer working right up until I go to bed. I’m going to stop an hour before (which is really hard for me because I want to work until I can’t keep my eyes open) and take a bath or read or something else relaxing so I can sleep better.

Shea: Tomorrow we start our underwater swim class at Petite Baleen! (I hate that that name is spelled wrong in French, by the way. It means “Little Whale” and should be spelled “Petite Baleine” and pronounced “Bahlen” not “Bahleen.” Oh well. He’ll be taking swimming lessons, not French. He’s rolling over in every direction, sucking on his feet, laughing and eating a variety of solid food now. Still not sitting up, but that’s okay. He’s a ball of energy, by the way, and I hope he calms down before he turns two or we’re going to have a handful. He got some eczema this past week, so I’m putting a ton of cream on him. The doctor said there isn’t really anything that causes it–not likely a food allergy and not likely that anything is irritating his skin. Probably just him. It’s common in babies, he (the on-call doctor) said, and usually disappears by the time they’re two. It doesn’t see to be bothering Shea at all, but I hate to see this red splotches on his skin. Ugh.

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