The mundane update

And now for the mundane update! Shea is four months, and he’s rolling over, laughing and grabbing onto his feet. We had some pictures taken of him today, which I’ll post once we get them. I already mentioned that we started feeding him rice cereal last week, and he seems to like it. Today I did the choo choo train and the airplane, then got bored with that and did a tug boat, a skiier, a duck, a rabbit and a pig. When he smiles, I sneak the spoon full of sticky goop into his mouth and he spits most of it back out onto his bib. We do this naked to avoid washing too many clothes.

I’m still on Weight Watchers, although I’ve stopped entering all my points for lack of time. Now I just do the weight update every Monday and so far I’ve lost 20 pounds, leaving just eight to go. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to exercise much lately because I injured my foot from walking so many miles carrying Shea in the Baby Bjorn. I went to Baby Boot Camp last week and was limping pretty badly the rest of the day, so I’m taking a break from all walking and running right now. And I caught a nasty cold, so I can’t do yoga or swim either.

My ongoing writing goal right now is 10 hours per week, which may not seem like much, but A) It’s more than I can handle and B) It’s amazing how much you can get done in 10 hours when you’re on the stopwatch and really working 10 FULL hours (after all breaks and e-mail, etc. time is deducted). I’m in this goals group where we set goals every two weeks (mine is 20 hours of writing) and we have to pay $5 if we don’t make our goals. I stayed up late trying to make them when I was super sleep-deprived this week, which is why I got sick. But I got to 18 hours, which is pretty close.

I’m really enjoying the revision process because, after taking three months off, so many problems are glaringly obvious. I’ll read a section of a chapter and write in the margin, “CUT!” and then another section that I really like. It’s not all that simple, but I think I can make a lot of significant improvements by simply putting in the time. The problem, as always, is prioritizing that time.


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