Dublit: Literature for Listeners

I just realized that I posted this as a page instead of a post (thanks to WordPress’ new design). So now the launch party is over, but Dublit has just begun …

Dublit is having its launch party this Thursday evening. I’ll be at home watching Lost while the munchkin sleeps, but the story I read at Inside Story Time was recorded for Dublit and will be online once the website is up and running. You can also record your own stories and post them. I have one already recorded (a Porchlight trial run from last year) that I plan to upload. Dublit is a fantastic way for writers to share their stories, and I encourage you to support it by recording your own stories and uploading them, listening to the stories of others, and going to the launch party this Thursday (but only after you’ve Tivo’d LOST). Dublit’s also a great way to check out a book before you buy it. One story/book I highly recommend is The Last Summer of the World by Emily Mitchell. She read at Inside Story Time, and her reading will be posted along with mine on the Dublit site. And, for the record, Emily isn’t a friend of mine. I just found her writing beautiful and wanted to run right out and buy the book after I heard her read (which I still plan to do).

Launch party info:
When: Thursday, April 24, 7:25-10:25 p.m.
Where: Space Gallery, 1141 Polk St., San Francisco


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