At four months, we pet the cat

This picture cracks me up. Lately Shea has been rolling over, laughing sometimes (not very often), squealing a LOT and drooling even more. His favorite toys are the O-ball, this bunny-rattle thing he has and the little blue dog he sleeps with at night. We fed him rice cereal for the first time on Saturday, and most of it ended up on his shirt and his bib, but he seemed to like it. We’re on sleep-training round three, which is to get him to sleep all night without eating (hahahaha). We’re down to one feeding a night, but he still wakes up 2-3 times and has to be soothed back to sleep (which takes longer than feeding him). Last Thursday we went to the zoo (I’m disappointed that the photos didn’t turn out that well), and last Friday we went to swim class in the Berkeley High warm pool, which was a lot of fun. I haven’t had the courage to dunk him under water, and that isn’t something they teach in that class, but I’ve heard babies naturally hold their breath when you do it and that it’s not a big deal (a friend whose baby is Shea’s age has done it recently.)

I’ve been crazy busy as always—writing and taking care of Shea during the day, tutoring in the evenings, working on the house on the weekends and trying to find time here and there for things like meals with friends, readings (I’m reading this Thursday), trips to the gym and daytime naps. The thing I miss the most right now is reading fiction. I read a friend’s novel and have promised to read another, and have a book to read for the Chronicle, but right now I’m going to get in bed and start Snow by Orhan Pamuk, which has been on my reading list for months. I also miss TV. Lost is off for one more week, The Wire is over and I don’t know when Dexter and Heroes start again. Or The Office. Is The Office on right now?



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3 responses to “At four months, we pet the cat

  1. Ani

    That picture is…hilarious!! I miss Shea.

    DYK…among bengalis feeding the baby cereal for the first time is a big deal. The maternal uncle gets to do this and the baby also gets their first haircut.

  2. Eating cereal for the first time is a sort of big deal here, too, although no haircut for Shea yet since he barely has any hair. We did video tape his first meal, though!

  3. I don’t like you, – don’t you know? get away from me!

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