“Same old shit” wins Pulitzer!

When I recommended The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao to my mom’s group a while back, one woman responded that she had read it when it first came out and that she thought Diaz was tapped out, that his latest New Yorker story was “the same old shit.” Well that same old shit just won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction today! And of all the books on my reading list this year (although there aren’t many, and some are baby books), it’s the only one I loved.



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2 responses to ““Same old shit” wins Pulitzer!

  1. m++

    This post reminds me of one I wanted to submit to my financial news site: ‘Berkeley Physicist declares the dollar a “Crap Currency”‘… That’s great that a book you loved won the Pulitzer. I wonder if the currency we all depend on will have a similar happy ending. 😉

  2. ha ha – i wish we could bet on Pulitzers – like on horse races – you would be rich!!

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