What’s wrong with me?

I must be having a delayed reaction to all the sleep deprivation. Either that or it’s stress, but I am SO low energy this week. Since Thursday I’ve been so tired that I haven’t gone to Baby Boot Camp or done much other exercise. I’ve had headaches and have gone to bed before 9 on some nights. Shea is going down now without crying, but he still wakes up four times every night. The mornings are the worst because he’ll get up at 5, then 6:30, then 8:30 for the day. This morning he woke up a fourth time and I just lay there in bed and said “Shea, go back to sleep” (I was sleeping in his room), and he did! I need to get his wakings down to once or twice a night. Either that or I’m running off to Hawaii.



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2 responses to “What’s wrong with me?

  1. May be you are having a BelissaBlah week because of your Belissima week of activities!

  2. Perhaps you are unwinding, or the adrenaline has run out. I have been reading in wonderment at your level of activity, post-baby! Give yourself a break. 🙂

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