Oui, oui, mon petit!

I started speaking to Shea in French yesterday. It feels strange not to speak my native tongue to my own child, but I’ve heard that for kids to be fluent in more than one language, each person can only speak to them in ONE language. In other words, I can’t speak to him in both English and French. So the nanny speaks to him in Spanish, and I speak to him in French. For now Martin is speaking to him in English, but he may switch to Polish. I worry that Shea won’t learn English if Martin speaks to him in Polish, but people tell me he’ll pick it up by hearing us talk to each other, and just by living in an English-speaking country. For now, I don’t think it will be too tragic if he says, “Maman” instead of “Mama” and “Papa” instead of “Dada”!


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  1. way to go, multilingual baby for multilingual family! u know this is also an experience indian kids have – usually 3 languages… and yes, the earlier the better – maman and papa i think sound cuter – and shd I throw in some Bengali too – so he can start calling me “Maashi” – usually the term u call the mom’s sister or friend!

    Aditi Maashi – all my friends kids call me that!

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