Three months!

Shea was three months this week, and I’ll post another picture soon. All our pictures, by the way, can be found here, but we’re always about a month behind at getting them off the camera. We’ve been doing sleep training for more than a month now, and he’s going down between 7 and 8 every night with just 5-10 mins of crying. By 8 he’s overtired and falls asleep more quickly, but 7 is the best time to put him down. (Of course 8 was 7 this week, so we’ve been putting him to bed a little later than usual.)

I went back to work last week two days a week. The first day I was so tired from doing night shifts that I slept on the couch in my office and didn’t get much work done. The second day I was so tired that I didn’t go in at all. I stayed home and slept and read Baby Wise (my third sleep book) to figure out how to get him to sleep through the night. A friend swears by it, says her son was sleeping 7-8 hours by 8 weeks and 11 hours by 12 weeks. So we started him on this new Eat Play Sleep schedule (that will be the next best selling memoir, riding on the coattails of Eat Pray Love) and it seems to have helped, but it’s SO difficult to stick to the schedule. There’s about an hour window when I can take him places, which barely gives me time to get him packed and in the car. He’s getting up only 1-2 times per night now, though, as opposed to three times before I read the book.

We started Baby Boot Camp last week and have been twice. It’s a drop-in class at the Berkeley Marina (and in other locations around the country), where moms jog with their strollers, then stop and do push-ups, step exercises, etc., jog some more, etc. for an hour. We finish by doing sit-ups and butt work, and it’s wonderful to be outside and to be in a class where it’s okay if your kid cries the whole hour (Shea!). I’ve also been walking a ton, doing our 3.6-mile circuit each day when I get home from the office because at 5 p.m. it’s a little too close to his bed time to put him down for a nap, but a little too late to play since he’s tired by then.

I’m back into my writing goals full force now, although I can’t do what I did before. Right now I’m revising 25-30 pp every two weeks, and it’s slow-going. Last night I left Shea with Martin and worked at Starbucks for three hours because two days a week at the office (minus commuting time and lunch) just isn’t enough. I’m going to switch some tutoring around to give myself one more Starbucks evening, and then I just have to be really focused. That’s my biggest challenge, staying focused. I need to go into meditation mode and block out all periphery conversations, videos (Starbucks has videos now) and other goings-on. I’m tempted to invest in some noise-canceling headphones, but ear plugs are so much cheaper, and the baby expenses are adding up (including the new jogging stroller we bought this past weekend.)

We took Shea to the Russian River for the first time last weekend. It was a chore packing. I took way too many baby clothes and diapers. We opted to take the play gym and leave the bouncy chair at home since the play gym packs smaller, and we borrowed a pac n play and took a lot of toys, including his new favorite O-ball. I also took the iPod and docking station, so I could play his lullaby music. He slept fine in the pac n play and even took a three-hour nap there during the day, which he rarely does. We took him on a hike with the jogging stroller, but the climb was way too steep for it. Next time he’ll go in the Baby Bjorn, but it was fun off-roading through the redwood forest in the Bob.

Another one of my new goals is to go to bed at 10:30 every night, and I’ve been feeling so much better. Martin has been doing the night shift and I the early morning shift, so several nights this week I’ve had a solid eight hours of sleep. Last night I broke my goal and stayed up to watch Lost and the last two episodes (ever, sniff sniff) of The Wire. I’m tired today, but it was the series finale, so it was worth it.

By the way, I found out at the pediatrician this morning that that arch-the-back-and-kick thing Shea does is the first step in rolling over from his back to his stomach. In another month he should be rolling over and, at that point, we won’t ever be able to leave him lying anywhere alone.


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