Mom is being sleep trained


I think this sleep training is harder for me than for Shea. First of all, I’m not used to getting up at 7 a.m. and not liking it very much. It’s so hard, after being up every three hours, to get out of bed and feed, change and play with the munchkin, but he’ll be lying there with this big smile on his face all ready to start the day. I’ve been more tired than usual lately because I’ve been doing all the night shifts. There’s something about making him cry himself to sleep that makes me feel so guilty that I feel obligated to do all the feedings myself during the night. I’ll be happy once he no longer cries and I can let Martin get up to feed him again! Tonight he was so overtired that I put him to bed at 6 instead of 7, and he cried for just five minutes. He missed his early nap and, once that happens, he’s tired and fussy all afternoon.

Since I usually only blog when Shea is particularly fussy, I have to take a minute to say some good things about him today. He’s been much easier since he passed his six-week fussy peak. Breast feeding no longer hurts at all, which makes a huge difference, and I’m able to feed him lying in bed, which has helped me get a lot more sleep (Now that I’m sleep training him, I only take him in bed for his last feeding, but it still makes a difference, and last night I was so tired that I took him for most of the night.) And I’m learning a lot about sleep, getting a feel for when he’s fussy because he’s tired, and that helps a lot, as does getting him to sleep at seven instead of midnight like before. He smiles a lot, especially after he wakes up in the morning or after a nap, and he coos a ton, too. This week he’s making this new “razz” sound with his tongue. He doesn’t cry at all when I give him baths or change him anymore. It’s hard to believe that he used to scream bloody murder every time we changed his diaper! Now he just lies there smiling or looking at the blinds. He loves his bouncy chair, too. It has this feature where when he kicks his feet, sounds and lights go off, and he loves that. He’s also starting to grab the dangly things on his play gym and has even stuck them in his mouth a couple times. (What talent!) So, yes, things do get easier, and he’s only two months. Everyone says things get a lot easier at three months. We’ll see.



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4 responses to “Mom is being sleep trained

  1. m++

    Yeah, he really is progressing. Some “amazing moments” were when I was reading him Dr. Suess ABC, and he said “Goat” before I read the word at age 4 weeks. I also like that his favorite toy is always my favorite toy too. His first favorite toy was that bird he is now grabbing and putting in his mouth — that toy is sweet, and I sometimes want to suck on it too. Then his 2nd favorite toy was that stuffed pig — he sure is cute when he’s cuddling that pig. Now that the camera card is cleared, I need to take pictures of that. His most recent favorite toy is that green rattle I got him from the drum center at Guitar Center. I can’t wait for him to grab that and shake in time when he hears a “rad” band come on like Spoon or Pinback!

  2. Looks like things are getting easier – easier is a relative term – huh? – phew! Hope to see him soon!

  3. Julia

    I’m glad things are getting easier! The first 3 months were the hardest for us. Then we started dream-feeding and the rice cereal before bed so she’d sleep longer – and it worked. He’s a cutie!

  4. Oh yeah, he IS making raspberries! (I just asked in the last post)

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