And they all rolled over …


So little time to blog these days!

We’ve decided to give Shea a second chance, since he’s been showing improvement in the temperament department. I’ve learned that if I make no attempt to get anything done during the day and just sit on the couch and hold him (while reading a book or watching TV), he’s a very good baby—just eats and sleeps like a little angel. Put him down, though, and he turns into Incredible Hulk baby, all green and busting out of his diaper. He’s pretty damn cute, though, so I’m content just to hold him.

I finished Oscar Wao and loved it. Am beginning Divisadero now. I have a couple reading goals before I go back to the office in March, and because I’ve been feeling the baby blues lately (mostly because I’ve had a cold and been stuck inside because of the rain), I’ve decided to have someone watch Shea a few hours a week this month so I can get some writing done. Even if I don’t make any progress on my book this month (I have no “goals”), it will feel good to get back to writing after taking a two-month hiatus—just for the love of it.

We had a reunion two weekends ago with our birth class (now that all eight babies have been born—ours was the last), and it was a lot of fun. The picture above is of all eight, with Shea on the far right. I had to wake him up for the picture, and he’s still half asleep. They’re a great group of people, and I’m looking forward to getting together with the moms on a regular basis (although the dads are awesome, too, and we need to continue the co-ed reunions too.)

I’ve lost six pounds in two weeks on Weight Watchers. I haven’t had much time to exercise, but counting points seems to be working. It will still be a long time before I can fit into my old clothes, but it feels good to make some progress.

Per the suggestion of my TV-addicted brother (you know who you are), I’ve started renting Homicide, and it’s really good. I like The Wire a little better because it doesn’t focus exclusively on the cops, but Homicide is equally addictive. I watched six episodes today!

I was starting to feel like I’m nothing more than a milk machine this week. I felt a little stressed about going back to work part-time in a month (will my baby’s brain malfunction because I’m not practicing attachment parenting every minute of every day?) and a little stressed about not going back to work full-time (will I EVER finish my book?), when I decided enough is enough, I need a break NOW and can’t wait until March, which is why I’ve decided to have someone watch him one or two mornings a week starting this week, so I don’t go insane.

I got tired of saying, “You’re my little angel! Are you my little angel? Can you say, ‘Mama’? Can you say, ‘Mama is the best’?” when entertaining Shea during his post-feeding, pre-sleeping happy times of day, so I finally bought a CD of kids songs and began singing those to him instead. I couldn’t remember ANY children’s songs until I bought the CD. In fact, I had watched the film Paris, Je T’aime and learned a Spanish song from the short about the Spanish nanny and was singing that to him until last week. Now I sing The Wheels on the Bus, There Were Six in the Bed, Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay (Although my lyrics are a bit different. I sing, “Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay, I’ll take your clothes away, and if you don’t care, I’ll take your underwear!”), There Was an Old Woman (I love that song), The Yodeler (that’s my favorite), Frère Jacques (I change the lyrics of that one, too), The Itsy Bitsy Spider, and on and on. A new one I learned is Apples and Bananas. What a great song. So, that’s what I do all day. Feed him, change him, hold him, sing to him, take walks, do it all over again and again, and the next thing I know it’s time for bed. It’s amazing how fast the days go by when you’re doing “nothing” all day.


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  1. OMG – this is the cutest pic I have seen in a long time!!! I think its a good idea to post short blogs – as and when you can, Super Mom!

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