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baby body talk

Shea has started this weird new thing where he arches his back, kicks his feet and grunts while I’m changing his clothes. I’m not sure what he’s trying to tell me. “I hate these pajamas?” “I want cloth diapers, not disposables?” “Why do you have to change my clothes just because they’re wet?” Or maybe, “Look, I’ve discovered that I can arch my back and kick my feet and grunt all at the same time! Isn’t that cool?”



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Mom is being sleep trained


I think this sleep training is harder for me than for Shea. First of all, I’m not used to getting up at 7 a.m. and not liking it very much. It’s so hard, after being up every three hours, to get out of bed and feed, change and play with the munchkin, but he’ll be lying there with this big smile on his face all ready to start the day. I’ve been more tired than usual lately because I’ve been doing all the night shifts. There’s something about making him cry himself to sleep that makes me feel so guilty that I feel obligated to do all the feedings myself during the night. I’ll be happy once he no longer cries and I can let Martin get up to feed him again! Tonight he was so overtired that I put him to bed at 6 instead of 7, and he cried for just five minutes. He missed his early nap and, once that happens, he’s tired and fussy all afternoon.

Since I usually only blog when Shea is particularly fussy, I have to take a minute to say some good things about him today. He’s been much easier since he passed his six-week fussy peak. Breast feeding no longer hurts at all, which makes a huge difference, and I’m able to feed him lying in bed, which has helped me get a lot more sleep (Now that I’m sleep training him, I only take him in bed for his last feeding, but it still makes a difference, and last night I was so tired that I took him for most of the night.) And I’m learning a lot about sleep, getting a feel for when he’s fussy because he’s tired, and that helps a lot, as does getting him to sleep at seven instead of midnight like before. He smiles a lot, especially after he wakes up in the morning or after a nap, and he coos a ton, too. This week he’s making this new “razz” sound with his tongue. He doesn’t cry at all when I give him baths or change him anymore. It’s hard to believe that he used to scream bloody murder every time we changed his diaper! Now he just lies there smiling or looking at the blinds. He loves his bouncy chair, too. It has this feature where when he kicks his feet, sounds and lights go off, and he loves that. He’s also starting to grab the dangly things on his play gym and has even stuck them in his mouth a couple times. (What talent!) So, yes, things do get easier, and he’s only two months. Everyone says things get a lot easier at three months. We’ll see.


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Can I help you find something?

Anyone been to Target recently? I went today (and I go often for baby stuff) and SIX people sought me out to ask me if they could help me find something. Finally, just as I was checking out, I said, “So this is your new customer service thing? You’re the sixth person who’s asked me.” “Well,” he said. “We’re, uh, trying to do a lot of things better. A lot of things.” It really is nice to have them coming after me for a change when normally I have to search ten aisles to find someone who doesn’t speak English and doesn’t know where anything is. All these people spoke English! Did they hire a bunch of new people just to wander the aisles? It kind of seemed that way. They were everywhere. To the point that it was annoying.

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I hate Leopard

I wish I could turn back time and not buy the Leopard OS for my Mac laptop! I bought it because I couldn’t use Panther with Scrivener (a writing program), and I didn’t have Tiger. In the end, I ended up not even buying Scrivener because it wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. At first I had a few problems with Leopard, then downloaded the updates and all was fine except for the fact that my computer was slower than before (I paid $130 for it to be slower??) Although I haven’t read the manual, the only new feature I’ve stumbled across is the calendar/weather/calculator feature I get when I press F11. Not worth $130! And this past week I’ve had nothing but problems with my computer. Either my external hard drive won’t show up on my computer, or it shows up, but I can’t open my iPhoto library (which is on my external hard drive), or Firefox won’t work (had to re-download it, then get Martin to fiddle with it to get it to work), or my printer won’t print! There is always something wrong, and it’s making me crazy. My printer seems to be working now, but I have two digital cameras full of photos that I haven’t been able to download, and meanwhile I can’t take pictures because the memory cards are full. One solution is to have Martin download them onto his computer for now, but I feel better when I have all my photos in one place. For example, thousands of my digital photos are I-don’t-know-where because I transferred them to some other computer and can’t find them now. I haven’t looked that hard—there’s one computer I haven’t checked—but still, it’s annoying now knowing if I’ll ever recover them. So there’s my diatribe. I hate Leopard. (And why didn’t the guy at the Apple store TELL me that Leopard doesn’t work well on Powerbooks, that it’s really designed for a MacBook?)


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Reading at Keter Salon

A head’s up!

I will be reading a piece from my memoir at Keter hair salon on Fourth Street in Berkeley at 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 28. The reading will be hosted by my hair stylist extraordinaire, Rebecca Beardsley, who, along with a several of our other Squaw Valley Writers Conference colleagues, will be reading from her own memoir. So if you missed Litquake last fall (or even if you didn’t), come out to have a glass of wine, meet Shea, hear some friends and me read, and find yourself a new hair stylist!


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Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

Man, Shea is not having a good first Valentine’s Day. He got his shots today—four of them—and he has been fussy, fussy, fussy ever since. I finally gave him some baby Tylenol, but he’s so overtired that he’s having trouble falling asleep. We started nearly a week ago to put him to bed earlier—give him a bath at 6 or 6:30, then feed him and put him to bed with the light dimmed all the way down and some lullaby music on, but he just hasn’t been going for it. Every night we’ve given up after two or three hours of his crying (between our trips in to soothe him) and lain down with him, but we know that to make it work we have to just let him cry. Tonight I’m willing to do that because it’s Valentine’s Day and because he’s tired enough that if we don’t let him cry, he’ll be extremely fussy all evening. Poor guy.

In other news, he’s getting big! He’s 11 lbs 10 oz now, which means he has risen from 30th percentile to 50th percentile in weight for his age. He’s doing great, the doctor said at his two-month checkup today. And he’s “not the easiest baby,” she observed after he screamed, then smiled and cooed, then screamed, then smiled again, all over the course of two minutes.

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I’m sick! Ugh. I caught something at or after the party Saturday night. Today my whole body aches, and all I want to do is sleep. I made Shea take naps with me all day, so he’s going to have a hard time going to bed early tonight. I haven’t been outside at all today. I hope the beautiful weather keeps up, since I’ve been missing it all.

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