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For Sale


One baby, male, five weeks old, 9.4 oz,  22 inches long. Likes to drink milk and go on long walks. Otherwise spends time screaming as though being repeatedly stabbed. Smiles and coos on occasion. $500 obo.



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Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers online today. I lost the first 20 lbs of my pregnancy weight the first 10 days after I had the baby, but I haven’t lost one pound since then, and it’s been three weeks. I’ve been walking a lot—between two and four miles a day—but I’ve been eating a lot, too. It seems I’m always hungry. My idea of a diet is to do the elliptical three or four times a week and stop eating sweets, but I’ve never really tracked the calories, or points, of everything I eat. Holy moly. I was allotted 33 daily points because I’m breast feeding (normally I’d get 23), and I ate 56.5 points today! Not off to a great start. It’s good to know, though, which foods have a lot of points and which don’t. Salad and other vegetables have 0 while that evil Trader Joe’s quiche I ate this morning has 11! And my 2.5 mile walk only gave me three extra points. In other words, one mini quiche = nearly 10 miles walking! Ohmygod!

In other news, Shea has been pretty fussy lately. If I’m not feeding him or walking him (and he’s not sleeping), he’s usually crying. I’m trying to get out of the house earlier to take my walks so that he’ll sleep through the afternoon. Otherwise I go crazy trying to entertain him. Today I wore the Baby Bjorn in the house, so I could make lunch, but as soon as he was asleep I put him down and he started screaming again.

I’m reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, and it’s great. I watched Hairspray (the remake) last night and was a little bored by it. I liked the original better. I’m trying to read more and watch less TV.


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Yesterday morning I realized I was out of soy milk, so I put breast milk in my tea.


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No more green curry for me!


Man, after Shea slept six straight hours Friday night, and I got a luxurious nine hours of sleep, he was fussy and up all night Saturday, all day Sunday and a lot of Sunday night. I’ve had so little time to do ANYthing but breast feed, pump and try to get some sleep, although I am proud to say I’ve taken a shower almost every day.

The Thursday before last, the pediatrician said Shea wasn’t gaining enough weight, so I had to go on a regime of “triple feeding,” which means breastfeed him, then give him a bottle of either breast milk or formula, then pump more milk. At his next check up a week later, he had gained 12 oz and was back on track, but I’m still supplementing and still pumping. The whole process is exhausting and all stems from the fact that he doesn’t get enough breast milk when I use my nipple shield, and breast feeding hurts too much for me to NOT use the shield. I have cut down on using the shield quite a bit, and do about 50% of my feedings now without it, but it will be a while yet before I’m ready to give it up completely. I’ve seen five lactation consultants (including one that did a home visit for $160) and gotten more advice than I want from various other people — it’s helped to improve things somewhat (the best advice I got was from my doula — to NOT use the Brest Friend pillow at all and to feed him using the football hold instead of the cross-cradle hold.) Breast feeding has been a bit of a nightmare, really. Who knew that there was a whole science to getting a baby to “latch on” correctly. What a royal pain in the boob! Anyway, this has consumed most of my time for the past two weeks.

In other news, I joined the 24-Hour Fitness “Fit-Lite” gym by my house. I hate 24-Hour Fitness, but this gym has a 30-minute circuit workout and is close enough that I can actually walk there, do the workout, and get home within 45 minutes. I’ve been twice so far and it made me feel so much stronger that I ventured to the CLIMBING GYM on Saturday and braved a few VERY easy climbs. It was my first time climbing in six months, my first time since I broke my wrist, and my first time since I had the baby, and it was HARD. My wrist did great, and only hurt a little the following day, but I had very little strength to lift the extra 28 pounds that I still have to lose. Most of the time I’m too tired to do strenuous exercise anyway. My best option right now is taking the baby for long walks — if only it weren’t raining.

Martin’s mom is here this week helping out. She’s taking Shea for a walk right now, and I should be sleeping instead of blogging, but it’s been so long since I’ve had a chance to write. I’ve watched oodles of Hitchcock movies this past week while breast feeding and pumping; I’ve watched the New Hampshire debates and all of Season 4 of The Wire. I watched a few episodes of Weeds, but wasn’t that crazy about it.

Shea will be four weeks tomorrow and in the past month, we’ve had a lot of firsts:

1. My first time out to brunch without him.
2. Our first time taking him out to lunch and dinner WITH us (he slept the whole time).
3. First time he peed all over me.
4. First time he smiled a genuine smile.
5. First time we took him to the pediatrician (forgot the diaper bag and he pooped on the scale)
6. First time we took him to Grandma’s, Kasia’ and Jon & Helen’s.
7. First Christmas
9. First New Year (he drank way too much champagne)
10. First diaper change in a public bathroom, to the chagrin of waiting customers

We have a new camera and have been taking lots of photos of him, but have yet to download and upload them to SmugMug. I’ll post some soon!


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