So, finally in labor, I think. Contractions woke me up at 2:30 and have been painful ever since. Feels kind of like when you have food poisoning, and you get those awful cramps. And this is just the beginning. Fun morning to look forward to! I can’t get this one Fleetwood Mac song out of my head (after hearing Landslide at the concert Monday night), so I got up to download it from iTunes and put it on my iPod. I love Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits. I remember the first time I heard it. My friend Jennifer and I played it on a cassette tape in one of those old-fashioned tape recorders and put it in my bedroom window so we could hear it while we were playing basketball down in the driveway. Contraction coming—about 6.5 minutes apart right now. Will try to wait a couple more hours before I call my doula. Will see how long I last. The Fleetwood Mac song I love, by the way, is Never Going Back Again. I used to beg my old roommate to play it on guitar for me. I see now, though, that it’s on Rumors, not Greatest Hits.



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3 responses to “Showtime!

  1. OMG Good luck!!!! I can’t believe you are blogging and posting comments on blogs while in labor…but then again, I’d do the same. 🙂

  2. Bustopher, it is so considerate of you to give us all an update while you are in labor! You’re amazing! I will be thinking of you lots and lots today, and sending good vibes. You’re going to be a mama really soon!!!

  3. Well, I think blogging was more of a distraction from the pain than anything else. But contractions stopped around 5:30 a.m., so I guess it was another false start. He has to be coming soon, though. In fact, I’m having a contraction right now …

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