Milla and Me


I haven’t blogged in more than two weeks. There’s so much going on right now, butI have a goal to write at least two hours a day, and with all my naps and other activities, that doesn’t leave me any time to blog. For now, here is an excerpt from Milla Jovovich’s website that made me happy. I, by the way, have gained a mere 35 pounds!

“am so huge you guys! i’ve gained almost 70 pounds in the last 4 months! It’s unbelievable how quickly it all happened, all i did was eat three bagels every morning with butter, peanut butter and jelly all over them, a few boxes of crispy cream donuts for lunch and boom! i’m tipping the scale at 195! man, that came out of nowhere! lol! well maybe not completely out of nowhere! so now i’m completely going in the opposite extreme and eating nothing but chicken, fish and veggies with the closest thing to bread taking the form of oatmeal in the morning with just the teensiest bit of maple sugar to make it bearable… sigh! all i want is another box of donuts! well, only 8 more weeks to go and then hopefully i’ll start to get back to normal.”


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  1. damn – Milla beat you in the eating and pregnancy weight contest!


    Thanks for all the updates.

    Can’t wait to see the kicking bundle of joy!

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