People dancing at the LitQuake after-party 

LitQuake was a big success. I only made it to one other reading (for 10 minutes) besides mine, but the Grotto reading went great. Ritual was jam-packed with people standing, but I managed to save a chair, so I was one of the few lucky ones who got to sit. Afterward we went with some friends for tacos and to the after party at the Elbow Room, where I got my first close-up look at Dave Eggers. Daniel Handler was there, too, but I didn’t see him. The only time I’ve seen him in person was when he opened for Death Cab for Cutie by telling some story about when he was a kid. I love both of them! If you haven’t read What is the What, you must, and, of course, the Lemony Snicket books are wonderful, too. I’ll post some pictures from LitQuake once I find my laptop cord. Meanwhile, you can view them here.


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  1. I still am on Chapter One of What is the What? One of these days..

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