Pregnancy Update—31 Weeks


First surgery—8 weeks

Second surgery—31 weeks

I’m starting to feel huge! I’ve stopped obsessing about my weight, though. I haven’t been able to exercise since I broke my wrist three and a half weeks ago, and I don’t envision myself doing much over the next two months. I can walk, do elliptical and cycle at the gym, but I can’t swim or do prenatal yoga anymore, and I’m a little nervous about hiking. Besides, now that I’ve lost a month of writing time, I have a lot to catch up on. (It’s very exciting to be able to type with two hands again!)

As far as baby stuff, we started our birth class last Saturday, and we took our hospital tour on Sunday. The class is at Birthways in Berkeley instead of the hospital, so it’s kind of hippy-ish. We watch a lot of home birthing videos, and the first day we got a belly dancing lesson. (Belly dancing movements are supposed to be designed for labor.)

My friend Whitney is organizing a shower, so I spent a lot of time last weekend making lists of baby things we still need to get. We drove out to Lullaby Lane to pick out bedding, etc. and we decided to paint the baby room blue after all, so I bought all the paint yesterday and Martin’s parents are coming over to paint today. Nursery furniture will be delivered in a week or two, so pretty soon we’ll be ready and waiting for “Patagonia” to arrive.

I’ve been feeling fine pregnancy-wise. Some back ache when I’m at the computer for a long time, and heartburn at least once a day, but nothing too bad. He moves and kicks (or elbows) a lot, and we had our final ultrasound last week. He’s in the right position, so let’s home he doesn’t move.

We also took a hypnobirthing lesson from my friend Betsy (who is a doula), and I’ve been listening to my hypnosis and meditation CD every day (30 mins total). I fall asleep almost every time, but then wake up when it’s over. I’ve also practiced with ice a few times. Not fun. Holding ice hurts! But it’s a good way to practice different breathing techniques. I’ve switched from reading pregnancy books to reading birth books, and I’m already sick of those (although I just got another in the mail from Amazon yesterday.) My big goal at this point is to get as much writing done as possible over the next two months because anything left to do/buy for the baby can all be done in about a day. Otherwise, we’re pretty much set to go. And now that it’s 5:48 a.m., I’m going back to bed. I woke up at 4 a.m. STARVING and had to get up to eat.



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5 responses to “Pregnancy Update—31 Weeks

  1. you look BEAUTIFUL! And I think quite slim for a pregnant lady!

  2. dude–I think that picture of you at 30 weeks is a picture of me after a big meal. A friend of mine played that baby shower game where she measured the circumference of her waist at its widest point (at 7 months) and everyone had to guess.

    She was 34 inches all around.

    UGH. That is me, NOT pregnant!

  3. Jade – you’re funny. I feel like I have two babies in me after I eat a meal, since I eat about three times as much as everyone else (even with my squished stomach).

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