Small things to be thankful for

I am learning the joy of:

1. pens w/o caps
2. elastic waistbands
3. automatic cars
4. tank-top bras
5. pen and paper
6. shoes that don’t tie
7. short sleeves
8. ponchos
9. pre-cut meat
10. twist off tops

doc says i will likely need surgery and a plate inserted, but i will know more monday when i see a hand surgeon.



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4 responses to “Small things to be thankful for

  1. oh that totally sucks–let me know if you’re up for a meal or something–you can eat and stuff, right? 🙂

  2. Can I ever! How about next week?

  3. Amy

    Oh and really, let me know if you need your finger nails cut. I heard I’m good at that. 🙂

  4. and friends who offer to cut yr nails!! Let me know if you need help with polishing them after they are cut..

    Keep up posted BJ – may be its time to blog with sound clips!

    Take care.

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