blogging with two fingers


i’m behind on blogging, so, quick update:

1. spent weekend before last renting house on russian river w/ friends and had a great time. went kayaking again, and it was so mellow you couldn’t tell the difference b/w paddling upstream and down. i swam a lot and got a little sunburned despite lots of 30 spf.

2. cut my hair shorter last week. it’s now above my shoulders and nearing what i’ve been aiming for this whole year. wore it in a ponytail for about four months because i hated it. now it’s a little short for a ponytail.

3. pregnancy update: 28 weeks now and am a fat cow. have gained a ton of weight. am hungry ALL the time. face is fat. butt is fat. everything’s fat. all else is well. saltines were my best friend first trimester. tums are my best friend third trimester. and snoogle. i am madly in love w snoogle, my big curly body pillow. well worth $50. took it to squaw. took it camping.

4. this past weekend we went camping for the first time this year in tuolumne meadows. slept ok. hiked to cathedral lake saturday and had to rest a LOT on the steep parts but was fine on the flat parts. i imagine the elevation didn’t help. when people (mostly women) saw my belly, i got a ”you’re awesome,” “you’re a trooper,” “i won’t doing this when i’m that pregnant,” etc. still felt like an old grandma much of the time. sunday decided to do an easier hike, so we drove to saddlebag lake. hiked to the other side of the lake, then it started raining, so we headed back rather than continuing on. walked slowly on the rocks. got to last leg of hike below the dam, was coming down the hill … rocks wet … slipped … broke fall with left hand. broke left wrist. excruciating pain. felt weird to almost pass out while lying on the ground. was bawling. stood up so i could put my head down to avoid fainting. martin got car, got bags of ice from cafe on lake and we drove to mammoth hospital emergency room. got morphine, got x-rays, more morphine, local (very painful) anesthetic, wrist set, more x-rays, wrist reset, more x-rays, and splint to go home. doc said i’ll do fine giving birth after that. now have to keep arn elevated for three days, will see orthopedist friday to possibly get wrist reset again, then cast for two months or surgery, then cast. will take six months to fully heel before i can climb or do astanga. for now, no swimming, no prenatal yoga and – you guessed it – typing (and doing everything else) with one hand. will post pix from our trip soon. hope to at least get some reading and writing by hand done this week. book draft three should be interesting. i start on it next week.


broken wrist




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2 responses to “blogging with two fingers

  1. Oh duuuuude. I’m emailing you now.

  2. damn!!! your wrist looks awful!

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