I can’t sleep after a small earthquake (4.2) jolted me out of bed at 4:42 this morning. Now I’m lying here thinking, “What is there’s a big one and we have a baby?” I want to sleep with him next to me, so we can get out of the house quickly! But I’ll get over it in a few days (unless we have another one.)



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2 responses to “Quake!

  1. witort

    Elliott and I sleep together, a by-product of night weaning. Helen rushed into the room this morning and I was already on top of him, sheilding him with my body from the possibility of broken glass. But I don’t remember that at all. When the time comes, you will know what to do.

  2. It makes me wish his room were a little closer to us, but we’ll at least make sure his bed isn’t near the window and that there is nothing hanging above it!

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