Knocked Up


I finally saw Knocked Up at the Cerrito Saturday night. The Cerrito is the El Cerrito version of the Parkway, although it’s not quite as cool as the Parkway. You can still order food and drinks, but there are only two rows of couches and they’re so close to the screen that I preferred to sit in the stadium seats farther back. From what I remember of the Parkway (it’s been a while), they also have couches, or at least armchairs, in the back as well as the front. I didn’t get a chance to go to Central Perk two doors down, but I am dying to go there because it looks like my type of cafe with all kinds of weird eclectic stuff hanging from the ceiling and the walls.

I liked Knocked Up. I wasn’t eager to see it until people started telling me how funny it was, and it was definitely very funny. I cried during the labor scene, though. I just couldn’t handle watching someone else, and thinking about myself, go through natural childbirth screaming for an epidural. Let’s hope mine goes a little smoother. I did hire a doula this week, so I feel good about that, and I’m all signed up for anIntensive Childbirth Preparation class, Baby First Aid and CPR, and a private hypnobirthing lesson.

Last night I dreamt that it was three days past my due date, and I couldn’t concentrate on anything because I was afraid I might go in to labor. I think I’d be  less stressed out about it if I were planning to get an epidural, but it will all be fine in the end. Like with my wedding, I developed an incredible sense of calm two hours before the ceremony, and I think the same will happen with labor. I think once I’m in the zone, I’ll make it through.



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3 responses to “Knocked Up

  1. Amy

    How do you find a doula to hire? Did you know her? (I assume it’s a woman?) Is she cool? That’s great… it all sounds great! But yeah, must be not-so-great to watch other people going through labor, especially in a dramatized version! Take care, Meghan!! Can’t wait to see you soon. xoxo.

  2. Amy

    My professor just told us about a book called “The Scientist in the Crib”… sounds fascinating…

  3. Hey Amy! A friend of mine is a great doula, but she’s not available, so she recommended some other doulas for me. The first three I called were not available; the fourth I really liked, so I interviewed her in person and made a decision to go with her. Call me when you have a chance!

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