Macinac Island


 Riding around Macinac Island
Friday, June 29, we drove up to Macinac Island, or “Fudge Island” as Martin calls it. If you haven’t been to Macinac, you have to go! No cars are allowed, and the island is sprinkled with beautiful old Victorian homes, horse-drawn carriages, bicycle-riding tourists and fudge shops. You pay $22 to take a ferry across, then you rent bikes for $5/hour to tour the island. We rode the 8.3-miles around the island, stopping at Arch Rock to take pictures and at British Landing to eat hot dogs. The island is SO beautiful, with views of Lake Huron all around. The road rides right along the beach, so you can stop anytime to skip stones or step into the icy water. I waded in up to my ankles, and it was just as cold as the Pacific. After riding around the island, we rode up a hill to the Grand Hotel, where you now have to pay $12 to step onto the porch (which we didn’t do). We then raced back down the hill and returned our bikes before walking to the fort, where we spent two hours visiting the soldiers’ quarters, bar and schoolhouse and watching rifle, bugle and cannon demonstrations. By that time it was 6 or 7 p.m., so we had dinner at an Irish pub on Main St. (There were seven of us altogether – my sister, husband and her two kids, my sister-in-law and Martin and I. The other five of us went to a water park that day.) After dinner, we perused the souvenir and fudge shops. Martin bought a bag of magnetic stones, and I ate half a block of double chocolate fudge all by myself. We waited for the last ferry, which left at 9 p.m., and got back to the condo at about 11. What a perfect day.


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