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Pregnancy Update—Week 21

This week was a turning point for me in many ways. First, both times that I got on BART today men got up to offer me their seats in the handicapped/elderly section, which has never happened before. I guess I have transitioned from looking chubby to looking pregnant. Second, I started feeling him move in the last couple of days—a lot. At first I felt a little kick, but wasn’t sure if it was him or a gas bubble (to be blunt). Then I felt a couple more, and today I felt them all day long, and this time there was no doubt. One friend described fetal movements as flutters, but mine feel more like tiny little kicks. If I press my hand in the right spot, I can feel them with my fingers. Third, I’ve developed heartburn, and have been taking Tums regularly. I don’t get it everyday, though. It comes and goes, and today wasn’t as bad as the night I threw up. Fourth, I’ve gained 20 pounds. Ugh! I’m supposed to have gained 10-15 by now, but oh well. I’m always hungry. ALWAYS. I try not to each junk, but I do eat as much as I want. Fifth, I have become familiar with the dangers of sneezing and coughing hard. Let’s just say my bladder is squished and, well, maybe I should buy diapers. Last, I’ve stopped climbing. My OB/climber friend advised me against climbing past 20 weeks, and after trying it at week 20 and having an un-fun time, I decided to take her advice. The problem is that when I bend down (like to tie my shoes), I can’t breathe, and climbing feels like bending down over and over, so I constantly felt out of breath. I miss yoga, but am a little intimidated by my old astanga class, so I think I’m going to finally try out the prenatal classes at Seventh Heaven. I’ll probably be bored, but maybe that will at least give me the confidence to return to astanga.



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Water on the Brain

It must be this hot weather that caused all three people in my writers group who submitted this week for critique (me included) to submit chapters in which the protagonist does a flip off a high dive. And two of us wrote about Herman Hesse’s Journey to the East. Kind of spooky.

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I can’t sleep after a small earthquake (4.2) jolted me out of bed at 4:42 this morning. Now I’m lying here thinking, “What is there’s a big one and we have a baby?” I want to sleep with him next to me, so we can get out of the house quickly! But I’ll get over it in a few days (unless we have another one.)


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Nightmare on San Pedro Street

I went back to sleep at 6 a.m. this morning after being up for two hours. And by the way, I threw up in the middle of writing that last post—literally. Wasn’t my night. Then I went to sleep and had a totally terrifying nightmare. It was like being in a horror movie and having Jason or Freddy chase me. If you want to read the details of the dream … Continue reading

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My Survival Strategies Are Killing Me

Warning: Long post

I think I mentioned, a few months back, that I took a get-motivated, get-organized, get-off-your-ass seminar from Martha Borst, and it was wonderful. I’ve been meeting with a small group of people once every two weeks since then to set goals and review our progress, and we’ve found recently that we’re losing steam. So last week, I bought Martha’s book. It just came out on Amazon, and it’s called Your Survival Strategies Are Killing You! I’m a third of the way through it, and I highly recommend it. It’s a dramatized version of her seminar, with all the same principles. The basic precept is that until you change the underlying beliefs that are driving your actions (which are producing your results), your results won’t change. In other words, changing your actions will only be a temporary fix; before long you’ll sink back into your old habits if you don’t go to the root of the problem and change the beliefs behind the behaviors behind the actions. And I’ll use my current situation as an example. Continue reading

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The latest fitness technology


Martin bought this great new exercise machine. It’s called an iPhone. Ever since he got it, he’s been out running EVERY day. He loves it so much, he downloads podcasts and takes it on the road. He even e-mailed me a photo of the Arlington Cemetery (our little Arlington Cemetary here near Berkeley) WHILE he was jogging to show me his new route. Like I said, he is totally obsessed. He plays Warfish on his iPhone. He looks up addresses and maps them on his iPhone. He hardly ever takes the earphones out of his ears. But he deserved it. After I sent one of his flip phones through the washing machine (Not my fault! He left it in his pocket and threw his pants in the hamper.), and he lost the other, he’s been using my crappy old Nokia (that I discarded after getting a Razr) for the past year and a half. His iPod Shuffle couldn’t tell him which song or artist he was listening to, and he’s never owned a Palm Pilot. Now he has everything in one. And if you want to know what he thinks of it, click here. I think it’s great, and much cheaper than the elliptical machine we considered investing in. Except that while he’s out running, I’m sitting here eating pizza. Maybe I need an iPhone, too.

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Literary Gossip

I’m sorry I missed the Literary Death Match last night. It was on my way home from the Grotto, but after being here for six hours, I was too tired to wait around two more hours to head down to Harlot at 46 Minna. I’ve been tired a lot lately, not sleeping well at night and still fighting off the remnants of a cold.

I’m sorry I missed it not only because Grotto member Stephen Elliott was one of the four contestants, but because Stephen apparently got into a skirmish disagreement with Death Match judge and Zyzzyva editor Howard Junker after Howard insulted Stephen’s writing on stage. This is all hearsay; like I said I didn’t go, but from what I understand Stephen threw a beer in Howard’s face at Howard’s shirt during the intermission, which resulted in Howard leaving before the end of the Match. I haven’t seen Stephen today, so I don’t know the rest of the story. What I do know is that Stephen and Howard have been at odds for some time, and that Stephen is a very sweet guy and a talented writer. Two of his books—including Happy Baby—are on my 2006 reading list. I was hoping Howard would blog about the experience on Zyzzyva Speaks, but no such luck. And Stephen abandoned his own blog several months ago as well. Tant pis. There’s nothing like some good literary gossip.

Update: See comments below for the “real” story.

And here are the details of the Match:

Four Magazines, Four Readers, One Champion—Readings the Way Darwin Meant ‘Em.
Joyce Maynard reads for Canteen
Stephen Elliot for McSweeney’s
Michelle Richmond for Fiction Attic
Sam Hurwitt for Kitchen Sink

The first West Coast Literary Death Match ever—set in the decadence of Harlot and judged by the wisdom of:
-Howard Junker (ZYZZYVA)
-Beth Lisick (Everyone into the Pool)
-Jon Wolanske (Killing My Lobster)


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