Welcome Home, Bustopher Jones

Some people have asked me whatever happened with that cat that looked like mine that belonged to my friend’s friend, who lives a few blocks from me. Well, the cat turned out not to be Bustopher Jones. His owner said she’d had him for many years, that she had gotten him in Sacramento and had lived with him all over California When I saw the cat again, I could see the differences—that cat was fluffier and had a slightly different facial structure than Bustopher Jones. I figured I’d never see Bustopher again.

Then this morning I’m sitting on the couch and hear this cat meowing outside our front window. I ignored him at first, but he continued, so I went outside to see if he was lost or needed help. He looked an awful lot like Bustopher Jones. I opened my front door and he walked in the house. I picked him up and he crawled up on my shoulder. I took him in the bedroom to protect him from Evil Ben, who chased him away to begin with, fed him and gave him water. He curled up on the bed like he belonged there. I got out my laptop and looked up all my old pictures of Bustopher Jones. Martin and I compared every facial marking, every paw, the length of his fur, his coloring, his tail. Same cat. I’ve seen so many brown tabbies during my search for Bustopher that I almost don’t trust my judgment anymore, but even Martin, the ultimate skeptic, said, “Yeah, that’s him.” So he’s back, curled up at my feet on the bed like he used to be, and here are the photos to prove it. The first one was taken three years ago, before he ran away on Sept. 11, 2004. The second was taken today. He seems a little thinner to me, but he was very hungry and a little dirty when I found him, so he’s probably lost some weight. My guess is that someone else has been taking care of his these past two years and that somehow he got out and found his way back here. Welcome home, Bustopher Jones.





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6 responses to “Welcome Home, Bustopher Jones

  1. amy

    Aww, you look even more radiant the second time around! Bustopher looks glad to be home… 🙂

  2. LunaKit

    get him tagged – faaaaaaast!!!

  3. HAPPY ENDING, HAPPY ENDING! Your nest egg is coming together so well! (But of course–Bustopher has PERFECT timing: he’s in time to welcome a new addition to the family).

    And I totally agree with amy and LunaKit. You look even more radiant the 2nd time around (and Bustopher looks happy to be home–courageous cat)….and please get him tagged, asap!

  4. oh–and now you can take plenty of pictures of him, and post him all over here (maybe the titlebar?)–as he *is* your blog’s mascot!

  5. mel

    Hurray! What a great story. I remember reading about him being lost. I’m so glad you found him (or rather, he found you). 🙂

  6. I still can’t believe he’s home! I can’t stop petting him and hugging him and playing with him, and he is going crazy being locked in the house, but he’ll have to deal. The last time I gave in to his demands, he wandered off (or got chased off by Martin’s cat) and never came back, so he’s under house arrest for at least three weeks. And I’m taking him to the vet tomorrow. My only fear is that someone ELSE got him chipped during the time that he’s been gone. Not sure what I’ll do then, except get him chipped again.

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