Hunga Bunga II

Another thing about gaining weight (which is inevitable) is that climbing is more difficult than it was before. Last year, I lost a few pounds, and climbing became so much easier. Now it’s getting more and more exhausting, even though I’m barely showing. I look at the super skinny women leading .10Cs and .10Ds on the lead wall while I am tiring out toproping a regular .10C, and I am so jealous!

By the way, doc says I can’t climb past 20 weeks, which leaves me just six more weeks. It may not be worth buying a “pregnancy” harness in that case. I may try to get away with wearing a large regular harness instead. Those harnesses aren’t really designed for pregnant women, by the way. They’re designed for carrying extremely heavy loads while mountaineering, but they wrap around your chest instead of your belly, which is why pregnant women use them.


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